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Store Customers

Store Customers

Admin >> Store Management >> 'Action' Dropdown >> 'View Customers' Option

Get a glance at the customers registered into a particular Store. You can anytime change the Store using the 'Sort by' filter. The dashboard contains contact information such as Name, Address and Contact Number of the Customers.

A manager icon is displayed near to the customers with access roles assigned.

The user type of the Store customers is written as Company Name - [Department Name], for example: User Type: OnPrintShop - [PHP].

Both Store Admin and Site Admin will have the right to restrict the customers from accessing their accounts. The Admin can anytime restrict the Default Store or Store customers from accessing their account by turning status off.


Quick Links

'+Add' Button

A quick link to add Store Customers. The steps are totally the same as explained in the website customer section, except there are a few changes in the Customer Settings section.


Here, the Pay On Account toggle and Pay On Limit Text box will only appear if the Pay On Account setting is Customer-wise.

Import Customers

Add button helps you add one customer at once. With the Import feature, Admin can import customers using an excel sheet.

This section is totally the same as Import Website Customers from the customers' section.

Import Addresses

Import bulk customer addresses of a particular store using an excel sheet.

This section is totally the same as the Import Address section from Manage Customer Address in website customers.

Access Roles

This section allows you to define access for Store Customers. Granting access to store customers primarily depends on whether or not the Customer belongs to any of the departments in the Store.


If Customer does not belong to any department (or department is disabled for the store)

  • A store customer's access rights and order checkout rights for departments can be restricted completely as shown below (with disabled 'Allow Access' toggle).
  • Site Admin and Store Admin can enable the 'Allow Access' toggle and give the customer access to different departments.


If Customer belongs to a department

  • A store customer will have access to the department they belong to.
  • However, depending on the access rights for 'View Orders/ Reports'
  • Admin can restrict their access to order checkout (by disabling 'Allow Checkout'), order approval (by disabling 'Order Approval Permission') and/or order an inventory (by disabling 'Allow Inventory').


Note: The option to 'Allow Inventory' will be enabled only if 'View Orders/ Reports' access is enabled. Store Customer can place or restrict Inventory request of already created orders based on 'Allow Inventory' access.

Various rights discussed below are possible for any Store Customer -

  1. Allow Access: This is basic access required for a Store Customer to place an order with any other access rights on the storefront.
  2. Allow Checkout: Store Customers having 'Allow Checkout' access rights will be able to place an order. In the case of default department, Store Customer by default gets access to place orders. However, based on the change of 'View Orders/Reports' access, they may or may not be allowed to access the checkout page.
  3. View Orders/Reports: If this access right is enabled, Store Customer will be able to view the orders and reports at the front store. Navigate to My Account >> Sales Order Report to view the sales reports.
  4. Order Approval Permission: If this access right is enabled, then the Store Customer can approve/reject the order.
    • None: Restricted approval rights.
    • Super Approval: This approval has the maximum rights in the order approval process. An order marked as approved by any Super Approver will act as final approval, even though other users might be associated with it for approving the orders.
    • Partial approval: Approval rights are applied partially. There are chances that another person also needs to approve for those orders to get approved completely.
    • Level Approvers: The hierarchy of Level Approval process goes in a sequential manner i.e. Level 1 à Level 2 à Level 3 à Level 4 à Level 5 and so on, as determined by the Admin. The Order Approval process works the same as the previous versions, only with the addition of new Level Approvers the system sends the Order Approval email to the initial level approver(s) along with Super and Partial level approvers.
    • StoreCustomers33.png

  1. Order Modify Permission: Store customer with approving rights as 'Super' can now amend (update) ordered Quantity and Additional Options and then send the order for further processes. This feature will provide an Edit Order option besides each product at the time of order approval. Using the calculator, the super approver can modify the quantity and additional information about the product.

Admin Side


Front Side


  1. Allow Inventory: This option will be available only if the View Reports / Orders option is enabled. Store customers having this access can place or restrict inventory request for the placed orders.

Action Menu - Store Customer

  • View - This displays basic Customer details such as their total orders, templates created, quotes requested, addresses, and login count. It also includes a quick edit button to edit the customer details.
  • StoreCustomerUpdate76.png

  • Edit - This gives Admin the option to change the basic details of store customers such as name, email address username, and password. We have worked on the Edit Customer and removed the Address section for a better Admin experience. Get a quick link to manage the address of the customer using the 'Manage Address button' (top right corner)
  • StoreCustomersUpdate77.png

  • Access Roles - Quick links to modify the access role of a particular customer.
  • View Orders - This option will redirect you to the Order Section and list all the orders placed by a particular customer.
  • Edit Profile - This helps Admin to edit the Store Customer's store fields. Know more in Store Fields.
  • View Templates - This displays all the templates created by the customer.
  • View Quotes - This displays all the quotes requested by the customer.
  • Manage Address - Click to Add a new address, edit the existing one, and more for a particular customer.
  • Add New Order - We have provided a provision to quickly place an order with a single click from the Customer Listing screen itself. Using this option Admin can quickly place an order for the particular Customer.