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Store Addresses

Manage Store Address

Admin >> Store Management >> 'Action' Dropdown >> 'Addresses' Option

Store addresses are section use to provide fix shipping/billing address to Store Customers. The address is must require if store settings have "Fix shipping/Billing address" otherwise customer will not able to complete the order process from the web store.

Fill the details and click Submit to instantly create a address. Below are details of important fields.

  • Address Type – E-commerce requires one Billing Address and one Shipping Address to fulfill any order. Thus, for Store there is an open room for Store Admin to create as many required Shipping and Billing Addresses. In the Address Type dropdown, we have given 3 options namely – Billing Address, Shipping Address, and Both.
  • Address For – Understanding different store needs we have given the option to create a a certain address department-specific. This will help both Store and Site Admin to bifurcate addresses according to different usage.
  • Office Name – This name will help Store Admin to uniquely identify every address with an office name. This name will be used in the shipping type dropdown in the front store.
  • Sync with Template Personalization – This option will sync all your address fields with Template Personalized Data.


Click on the Import Address button to import bulk Store Addresses via an excel sheet. Using the 3-step import function you can easily import addresses into the system.

To change the default billing and shipping addresses click on the ‘pen-like’ icon in the Default Address column. This will display a pop-up asking to set the default addresses. Select the default address to display the billing/shipping address at checkout time.