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Solution Core Changes91

Solution Core Changes

Optimization of website performance

We have optimized the website performance, with this, the product templates will load quickly on the browse design page on the front store which will save customers time choosing effective templates.

Upgraded to PHPv8.1

In this release, we have upgraded our code and made it compatible with the PHP v8.1 standard majorly for a more secure platform.

Removed PHP sort tag

At the code level, we have removed the PHP sort tag from across the system to enhance the coding standards and to make the code compatible with PHP v8.1.

Upgraded all CSS and JavaScript

We have upgraded all the third-party CSS and JavaScript used in the solution (Front, Admin, and Designer Studio) for better compatibility and enhanced performance.

Stopped GIF Image Support

The PDFlib has stopped supporting the GIF format of images in version 10.0. As we have upgraded our PDFlib library to version 10.0, we will not be supporting the GIF images in our Designer Studio as well as the PDF formats of invoices and job tickets from this release.

Block Plugin version 6.0 Support

In this release, we have started supporting Block Plugin version 6.0.