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Solution Core Changes90

Solution Core Changes

Resolved Decimal Price Mismatch Issue

As of now, we were storing the prices such as subtotal, total, tax prices, shipping price, discount price, etc. as it is with exact decimal numbers (e.g. 4.1234, 78.765739) after calculations. But, while displaying the prices we used to round up the 3rd digit as per the configuration done which created a minor (0.01) mismatch in product prices in decimal points.

However, to avoid this mismatch or dif ference in price we will now calculate and store the values at product subtotal, shipping, discount and tax, by limiting the number of digits after the decimal point according to the setting and then display it in the final price.

This change will apply to all future orders/transactions. All the previous orders/transactions/history will work as it is.

Flexible Integration: Any Digital Marketing

Now, we have centralized our coding structure for marketing events which enables us to integrate with any Digital Marketing application flexibility.

You can use this flexibility to target more customers, increase your brand visibility and accelerate more conversions.

Minor Enhancements

Only Super Admin Can Delete User(s):

From now, only the Super Admin will have the right to delete any user from the Customers list. No other Admin will have the right to delete user(s).

Upgraded all CSS and JavaScript:

We have upgraded all the third-party CSS and JavaScript used in the solution (Front, Admin, and Designer Studio) for better compatibility and enhanced performance.