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Solution Core Changes71

Solution Core Changes

CDN Implementation - Static JS & CSS

Provision to enable CDN for solution core JS and CSS for better website performance.

Domain-Specific Website Redirection

We have worked relentlessly to improve the SEO performances of the OnPrintShop websites. With a site variable, we have managed to let you run your website only on a single domain to avoid duplicate content with SEO perspective.

Server Upgrade

We have upgraded Database Server, PDFLIB Library, ImageMagick and GhostScript Library.

Remove Content Backup from Admin

We have successfully removed Content backup option which was included while v7.0 bootstrap migration.


Earlier in the header section of Admin Panel, we used to show LiveChat Status – Online/Offline, now onwards we will just be showing LiveChat icon. Its actual status will be tracked only after it is opened. Earlier when LiveChat Server used to go down, entire admin panel’s performance was directly affected, keeping this issue in mind we have made this enhancement.

Bug Fixes

100+ minor enhancements and bug fixes