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Shipping Section Features91

Shipping Section Changes

Allow Shipping based on the User-Group

From now onwards, the admin will have the provision to assign any shipping method to the selected user group.

AvailableTo ShippingMethod.png

While configuring the shipping method, the admin will have the four options: Default Store, All Private Store, All Public Store, and Offline.

Once the admin has selected the option in the “Available To” field, the shipping method will be available to the users from that particular store. If the admin wants to assign the shipping to some particular users from the selected store, in that case, he/she has to select the Store and then the user groups.

For e.g. In Available To, the admin has selected Default Store and All Public Store. But, For All Public Store, he only wants to assign this method to a particular group, then he needs to select “All Public Store” and then the User Group. So, this method will be available to All Default Store users and the selected user group of All Public Store.

Shipment Tracking Enhancement

Now, the admin will have the option to add a tracking URL in the “Flat Shipping” and “Shipping cost by order sub-total” shipping methods as well.