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Shipping Section Enhancements90

Shipping Section Features

New Shipping Method – “Shipping Cost by Order Value”

We are introducing a new shipping method in OPS 9.0 version named “Shipping Cost by Order Value”. You can find this method in the Home > Store Configuration > Shipping Method screen:


This shipping method allows the admin to configure the shipping cost based on the order subtotal. Click on the Pen icon against the method for settings.

On the editing screen, you can choose to modify the shipping method name, select the availability, select the shipping type as “Shipping Cost by Subtotal” and do some other changes:


After system settings, you need to configure the price for the shipping method:


First, you need to select the user type for whom you will be setting the shipping price. Next, enter the price ranges (for subtotal) and specify the shipping amount for that range. When the customer will add products to its cart and selects the “Shipping cost by Subtotal” shipping, then the shipping cost will be displayed based on the subtotal price of the order.

For example, if the cart subtotal is “$10.30” and the customer opts for “Shipping Cost by Subtotal” then, the shipping cost will be displayed as $10 based on the settings.