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Shipping Module72

Shipping Module Enhancements

User Group- Wise Shipping Method

Using this feature grant certain customers access to alternative Shipping Methods by User Groups. This feature gives you total control over who can use any of the shipping methods enabled on your site.

  • This means your customers will see the Shipping Methods assigned to them and choose the method according to their choice.
  • Only want a certain group of people to use Local Delivery or Ground Pickup? No problem. Only want certain customers to use FedEx? You can do that. Only want certain customers to choose UPS for shipping? You can do that too. All you have to do is separate the customers on the basis of User Groups.
  • Following this development, we have added a new dropdown of User Group for every Shipping Method setting.


Flatship Shipping Method Integration

By using a combination of Flatship Shipping Method and User Groups, you can easily offer free shipping to your customers. This method is useful in situations where you deliver manually to your local customers or they come to your brick and mortar location to pick up their order and therefore don’t need to pay for shipping.

Using our Flatship option you can easily bind customers and their delivery locations (state-wise or zip-code wise) to offer ‘Free Shipping’ as well as ‘Flat Shipping Rates’

  • To create a custom shipping method, that offers flat shipping as well as free shipping we have added a new shipping method named – Flat Shipping.

    Follow the path – Admin >> Store Configuration >> Shipping Method >> Flatship


  • The Flat Shipping can be applied based on State (select the states from the dropdown) and Zip Codes (enter comma separated zip code values to offer Flat Shipping)
  • In the Shipping Type section you can determine different types of flat shipping you wish to offer dependent upon the user type and user group. 
  • Admin can easily duplicate the Flat Shipping method multiple times and create permutation and combination to offer different flat shipping rates.

Third-Party (Shipment) Billing

With this enhancement, Admin can bill the receiver i.e. Store, or Store Customer or Default Store Customer for shipping charges. With the Third-Party billing shipping option, you can bill the receiver’s account when processing a shipment. This feature is controlled by a site variable settings (contact the technical team for the same).

This option is beneficial for receivers who have contractual billing enabled on their Shipping Accounts (FedEx, USP or USPS).

  • To enable the third-party billing options we have provided a setting in every Shipping Method who have the facility of third-party billing e.g. – FedEx and UPS.

    Follow the path – Admin >> Store Configuration >> Shipping Method >> Action Menu of FedEx or UPS >> ‘Edit’ option


  • For this feature, Admin will find a Third Party Billing Shipping in the configuration setting of Stores. If it is set Customer wise then enter the third party billing account details from customer’s account else enter the Store-wise billing account number here itself.


  • Admin can also enable third-party billing for default stores from their account settings. Keeping it none will not apply this feature. Select the third-party billing method and enter the customer’s Account Details.


Package Master, Package Weight and Bulk Package Import

Package Master

In our current system, Admin was forced to create product-wise packages for each product size using the Package Configuration. Expanding the system we will now provide an option to create Master Packages for all products

Admin can create multiple master packages with different box sizes configurations such as – weight, length, width, and height. These master packages can be created for Standard as well as the Custom Size Products.

  • Create Master Package from – Admin >> Store Configuration >> Shipping Method >> Manage Master Packages (top-right corner)
  • The master packages created will be listed in a dropdown while creating Product Shipping Packages. 
  • Selecting any Master Package will automatically fill the box configuration.

Add Box Weight

  • Understanding the need and the importance of Box Weight we have added a column for the same such that your package weight doesn’t miss any detail. Box weight can be used in the calculation of Package Shipment Weight. 


Import Package Configurations

  • You can also import package configuration for all shipping methods using the Bulk Import functionality. The Interface is almost similar to other import pages. If the master package is to be selected, ID or title is to be imported for it. 

Admin >> Store configuration >> Shipping Method >> Any Shipping Type >> Product Shipping Packages >> Import Package Configuration

Minor Enhancements

Configure Default Address on Front-Store

We have extended functionality in Address Book and will now provide a ‘Set Default’ button for all the addresses added by the account.

  • This will for sure save customers’ time from entering/choosing addresses during the checkout. Customers will find the ‘Set Default’ button at Checkout Page (Cart Page), Payment Request Pages and the Inventory Pages (for Store Customers).
  • This enhancement will help customers change the default addresses for the next order checkout.

FedEx & UPS Stable Database Fixes

Earlier, the shipping types were listed at the front end in an irregular manner. Now, for systematic display and proper listing of shipping types, we have done stable database fixes of FedEx and UPS.

Now, Admin can allocate sort order to the Shipping Types and manage their structure at the front end.


Track Shipment Label Generated Date

Once the order was placed, Admin was allowed to generate shipping packages using the Order Shipments tab. Earlier, there was no provision for Admin to keep a label creation track record of order shipments.

Now we have added an Order Shipment Generation Date to be displayed along the Order Shipment Listing.