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Shipping Module71

Shipping Module Enhancements

Enhanced Shipping Method presentation on Front Store

Earlier in our solution all the available shipping method including ‘In-store pickup’ (Local Pickup and Default Shipping) were shown in a single drop-down due to which many end customers missed this facility.

  • We have added a new setting in the Site Setting >> ‘Theme Setting Tab’ >> ‘Local pickup method display style’
  • There are two options in the setting namely Default and Separate.


  • If Default option is selected, then the Shipping Method Presentation will work as current system.
  • If Separate is selected then the ‘Shipping Options’ are displayed separately as a Radio Button, this will catch eye of end customer giving them the advantage of avoiding shipping cost.


  • Here, in the example Shipping option selected is ‘Default Shipping’, thus in the Type & Cost all the shipping type added in Default Shipping methods are displayed.

    Order Shipment Section Enhancement

    We have worked relentlessly and reduced down the hassle of creating shipment labels. We have bought all the Shipping related data in one page, which gives a flexibility of package generation, order transfer between shipping methods, update the order status and notify customers, and fill up the order transfer form.

    The Order Shipment Screen is made available at – View/Update Order section of each order, Order Shipment Section of Orders Dashboard, and Download Shipping Section of each Order.


    Features Added on Order Shipment Screen

    • Change Shipping Method – At the Order Shipment Screen Admin can change/update the Shipping Method from the dropdown provided. The dropdown will list all the Shipping Methods listed in the system irrespective of their active status.
    • Add Shipping type – Depending upon the method chosen Admin can change/update the shipping type of the shipping method. All the types added in the Shipping method will be listed down in a dropdown.
    • Transfer Order Details – Now for Admin we have made it very easy to transfer the Order Details to any Shipping Company. Admin can now add all the information required to transfer order on the Order Shipment Label Generation page itself (which was previously done from Store Configuration).
    • Update Order Status – As soon as the Admin updates the Order Shipping Details, they can update the order status from the dropdown provided and select whether to notify the customer or not.

    Dynamic-Label Generation – We have removed the toggle which allows/disallows the Admin to generate dynamic label instead given a +Add button in the Package Configuration which will by default allow you to generate dynamic labels (if required).


    In-store/Local Pickup Setup Geography Based

    Currently in our solution in-store/local pickup option is always available to end user irrespective to geographic location. Now, admin will have a provision to configure zip-code or state based store/local pickup for only those geographic locations that has the facility for pickup.

    • So while choosing pickup option user will see only the configured locations. In the Local Pickup from Store >> ‘Edit’ Option >> “Shipping Setting” section, we have provided two new Address validation option namely – State based and Zip code based.


    • When Admin selects State-based then, in Local Pickup Address Management they will get a ‘Select State Menu’. This menu will list all the state occurring in the address’s country. Resulting to this, customer will get Local Pickup from Store based on the States selected by the Admin.
    • Similarly, if the Admin Sets Zip Code based, then in Local Pickup Address Management they will get textbox to fill in all the Zip codes where local pickup will be made available for the particular address.


    • Resulting to this the end customer will get Local Pickup option based on Zip Codes.

    Provision to Know Shipping Cost for ‘Requested quotes’ Before Approving Quote

    Previously, for any Quote Product the shipping charges were known only after approving the quote and moving onto the shopping cart.

    • Now customers will be able to get a peek into Estimated Shipping Charges for the requested quote before quote approval.
    • We have provided a link ‘Estimated Shipping Cost’, on the Review/Update Quotation and View Quote Details Page.
    • ‘Estimated Shipping Cost’will display all the Quote Product(s), with the Shipping Options and an estimated total cost of Shipping Method.
    Note: Customers will be shown the flat shipping rates of the products at the time of placing an order.


    Provision to Add Rule on 'Shipping Mark-up' over 'Shipping Cost'

    Currently in our solution, a flat shipping mark-up percentage was calculated on shipping cost of any order.

    • Now Admin can add a Markup Rule on different Shipping Amounts. Here, Admin can define different percentages, which will help them efficiently manage shipping cost of varying order rates.


    • Also, Admin can set Maximum Markup for each Shipping type of the Shipping method. This will help the system effectively calculate the Shipping Prices at the front end.

    Blind Shipment Feature

    With our updated system we have provides the ‘Blind Shipment’ facility. The term Blind Shipment is when the end Customers to a shipment don’t know who is the shipper. In other words, they are in “The Blind”.

    This is majorly helpful to conceal if a product/order was shipped from a ‘Third-Party Vendor’.

    • For this feature we have added a new button on the ‘Shipping Method Dashboard’ named – Shipping Address Setting.
    • Under Shipping Address Setting you will get the option to Enable/Disable Blind Shipping. You can enable this feature for Default Stores or Store or Both.
    • We have also added ‘Blind Shipping Price’, which means an additional cost will be added if customer have selected blind shipping.


    • This will be easily managed on front side just by checking ‘blind shipment’ option at the time of check-out and select the FROM Shipping address.


    Minor Enhancements

    Easy Validation of Address

    Now, end user will be easily able to validate the address they have added while placing order leaving no room for any unrecognized or wrong address. For this, Admin will have to configure all the required details of the selected shipping method. (works only for USA)

    • There is a new service added in the ‘Shipping Address Settings’ >> ‘Address Validation Address’
    • Here, Admin can select the Shipping Method they want to use for Address Validation.


    Shipping Type Persistence from Price Calculator to Checkout

    In current system, the customers had to select the Shipping Method at the ‘Product Page’ as well as at the ‘Shopping Cart Page’ while placing the order.

    Now the shipping details will be persisted right from the product page to till the shopping cart page, so customer won’t have to perform same activity again at the end while placing the order.

    Real-time Calculation of Estimated Delivery Days

    Customers will now get some accurate real-time estimated delivery days from third party shipping company like UPS and FedEx.

    Admin will just have to check the Transit Time API box of these shipping methods (FedEx and UPS) and the estimated shipping days’ calculation will be real-time unlike previous version where the calculation was based on Admin delivery days.

    Shipping Cost Code Optimization

    We have optimized the code that calculates Shipping cost of an order on checkout page for system’s better performance.