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Sheet Size Management

Sheet Size Management

Admin >> Imposition Beta >> Sheet Size Management

Imposition is one of the fundamental steps in printing process. It consists of the arrangement of pages to be printed on the printer’s sheet. This helps in obtaining faster printing, simplify binding, and reduce paper waste. If imposition done correct then it minimizes printing time by maximizing the number of pages per impression, reduces cost of press time and materials.

Sheet Size Management2.png

Using this section, you can create and manage imposition sheets. The sizes you create here will be visible in the Imposition Schema Manager section.

How to add a Sheet?

Sheet Size Management1.png

To add a sheet, enter the sheet size i.e. width and height. Also, you get to choose the sheet unit type. Enter the suitable sheet title and save the changes made.

Once added you only get to edit the sheet name and dimensions. Although, you don’t get to delete the sheet but you can easily set the sheet’s status off.