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Setup Uptown SMS

Uptown SMS Integration

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > SMS Notification TAB > Uptown SMS

Integrate this third-party SMS service into your OnPrintShop web store and get a stable communication mode to interact with your customers. Uptown is a scalable communication method that enables you to manage your OnPrintShop store more efficiently and communicate well with your customers. With Uptown integrated into your OnPrintShop web store, connect with your customers worldwide.

Step 1. Registration in UPTOWN SMS

Registration Uptown.PNG

Step 2. Dashboard

  • You can check your account information on your dashboard, such as your current balance, add sender Id, etc.

Dashboard uptown.png

Step 3. Create Sender ID

  • To create a Sender ID go to, Uptown SMS Dashboard >> Transmission Tools (Left Sidebar) >> Add Sender
  • Enter the desired sender ID in the Name Field.

Sender ID Uptown.png

Step 4. Sender ID is in approval Process

  • Once the SENDER ID is created, Uptown system will check your profile and approve the sender ID in the system.
  • To view the approval status of the sender ID go to Uptown SMS Dashboard >> Transmission Tools (Left Sidebar) >> Use Sender
Approved Sender ID.png

Step 5. Configure Uptown SMS in OnPrintShop

  • To access the services of Uptown there is a need to integrate Uptown into your Admin Panel. On the Admin Panel go to, Admin panel >> Store configurations >> External Service Settings >> SMS Notifications >> Uptownsms >> Action >> edit
  • Enter Username, Password, Sender ID, select Country, Set Mode as "Live" and enter email address and save the details.

OPS Admin Uptown.PNG

  • You will be able to utilize Uptown SMS as a gateway to send an SMS notification to the end-users.