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Toplu SMS Integration

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > SMS Notification TAB > Toplu SMS

Communication with your customers is made easy with Toplu SMS. With this third-party application communicate with your customers, send and receive SMS to enhance your productivity.

Read below a systematic guide to integrate Toplu SMS with your OnPrintShop website.

Step – 1 Register with TOPLU SMS


Step – 2 Login to Toplu SMS and the Dashboard

  • Login to Toplu SMS and you will land on your dashboard.


Step – 3 Create Sender ID

On the Toplu SMS dashboard go to, Settings > My Titles

  • Here you can create new SMS Headers.
  • Once you add titles they will be sent for approval to Toplu SMS Service.


Step – 4 Configuration into Admin Panel

On your Admin panel go to, Admin panel > Store Configurations > External Services > SMS Integration > Toplu SMS > ‘Action’ Dropdown > ‘Edit’ Option


  • Here enter the Username and Password of your Toplu SMS account.
  • In the Sender’s name block enter the approved title.
  • Select the country and save the changes made.
NOTE: Toplu SMS API only supports Turkey GSM numbers. So select Turkey in the Select Country block.