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Setup ShipStation

ShipStation Integration

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Select Others TAB > ShipStation

OnPrintShop has an integration with ShipStation to make your shipping handling process a breeze. ShipStation is a platform that makes it super easy for you to generate shipping labels. It also helps your store to connect with multiple shipping providers like USPS. ShipStation charges a monthly fee based on the volume of your shipments and is available only in the USA. At OnPrintShop, we strongly recommend you to integrate ShipStation into your web store as it allows connecting it multiple sales store from other online selling platforms.

Let us check out next how to setup ShipStation into an OnPrintShop web store. Follow the multistep guide below-

Step – 1 Sign up or Login to ShipStation account


Step – 2 Connect ShipStation to OnPrintShop

There are a few steps here.

  • Go to your ShipStation settings (the wrench icon in the upper right).
  • Shipstation2.png

  • Click on “Selling Channels”.
  • Shipstation3.png

  • Click on “Connect Store or Marketplace”.
  • Shipstation4.png

  • To add your store search 'Custom'.
  • Select the Custom Store option.
  • Shipstation5.png

  • Enter your credentials to connect your store with ShipStation.
  • In URL to Custom XML page, enter the link as - <yourdomain.com>/ external_service/shipstation/order_transfer_shipstation.php
  • Generate a Username and Password. Keep these credentials safe to integrate into Admin Panel.
  • Click on Test Connection.
  • If your connection test is successful, go ahead and click "Connect".
  • Shipstation6.png

  • Choose a name for your store and save it.
  • Shipstation7.png

Step – 3 Integration into Admin Panel

Head over to OnPrintShop Admin Panel.

  • Go to- Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > ‘Others’ Tab > ShipStaton > ‘Action’ Dropdown > ‘Edit’ Option
  • Enter the Username and Password created while connecting the store.
  • Select the ‘Order status’.
  • Click ‘Save & Continue’.
  • Shipstation8.png

    Note: The credentials (username and password) created in Step – 2 while connecting the store should match with the credentials (username and password) entered in Admin Panel. Otherwise, you will not be able to retrieve the order.

Step – 4 Update and order status

Now after your OnPrintShop store is connected to ShipStation.

  • You can synchronize your store anytime with ShipStation by clicking the Refresh button.
  • Shipstation9.png

  • To check your orders, go to the Orders tab on your ShipStation dashboard.
  • Shipstation10.png

  • On the left-hand side click on ‘ Awaiting Shipment’ then on your store name.
  • Shipstation11.png

  • You are all set! In case you need any help, let us know!