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Setup Photobook

Setup Photobook product from Admin Panel

You can integrate Photobook products for your print store just like any other standard product. Follow the steps below to understand how you can add a Photobook product.

Product Details

  • To start, go to, Admin >> Product >> +Add button
  • Designer Studio7482.png

  • To add a Photobook Product: choose the product type as ‘Photobook’.
  • Select the product sub-type as Flipbook or Hardcover.
    • Hardcover – Customer will not get to design the inner side of the cover pages.
    • Flipbook – When this option is selected, all the pages of the photobook shall work as inner pages. There will not be any differentiation of the cover page and inner page. Hence, every page will have the same width and height. Following cover configuration will not be available for flipbook: Cover size configuration, Cover Layout creation option, Combine Cover for Photobook, Spine Feature, and Cover Pages Width/Height.
  • Rest all the settings remain the same as explained in the Add Product section. Add description, product images, choose the color palette and other settings related to the product.
  • Note: For Photobook products, there are only two pricing methods available – Fixed Quantity & Price and Range-based with multiplication. See pricing methods.

Designer Options

  • Different Photobook Products can have a size(s), depending upon your product offerings. For more refer to Product Size.
  • In the Bleed Size, you get to define the height and width of the Photobook inner pages and the cover pages respectively.
  • Setup Photobook2.png

  • Next is to set the product pages for your Photobook product. Set the default pages and the maximum pages allowed in the Photobook product. Also, you can select the number of pages to be added at once.
  • Spine: Spine is the Photobook cover that encloses the inner pages. This will help your customers view and design the front and back cover pages at the same time, along with the spine.
  • There are two types of spine possible – Fixed Spine and Dynamic Spine. In the fixed spine you'll have to just define the fixed width of the spine, while in Dynamic spine enter the thickness of Cover Page and Inner Page. The system will then calculate the spine width dynamically.
  • Setup Photobook3.png

  • Next, is to set the product and cover page margins. Here you find these two entities separate as the Photobook may have inner pages and cover pages of the Photobook in two different sizes.

Product Price

  • The product pricing fields remain the same as the standard product. There are two additional columns available - Vendor Price Per Additional Page, Admin Markup Per Additional Page % and Extra page price.
  • You can define prices for extra pages, this price will be added as a summation in the total price of the product.

    Setup Photobook4.png

The rest of the configuration remains the same as other products.