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Setup Package Product

Setup Package Product

The Packages product is by default disabled. To enable the product please contact the technical team of OnPrintShop. We will by default offer 3 packages: Mailer Box, Product Box and Shipping Box.

Product Details

Go to, Admin >> Products >> Products >> Add Product

To add a Packages Product: choose the product type as ‘Packages.


As soon as you select the product type as “Packages”, the product pricing method changes to ‘Size Based Price (Dynamic Size)’ and you don’t get the option to edit the Price Defining Method.

Designer Options

This is where you can define pages of the Package product that you want to offer to your customers to design or customize.



The product price configuration and calculation will work similarly to the Custom-Size pricing method. For entering the price, you need to enter the product size ranges and then specify the price for that range.


Additional Options

For Package Product, you can create product options such as Box type, Paper type, Thickness, Coating type, Printing Sides and many more.


The Option Rules, Metatag Description, Product Gallery, and Settings of Photo Print product type remain the same as the Dynamic Size Product. For any assistance, you can anytime contact the Technical Team.

Formula for price calculation

To ease the price calculation of the Package Module, we have added the functionality of Formula in the Product Options section.


On the Add Master Option Formula page, you can add the title, Variable Name for formula, formula value and sorting preference:


For adding the formula value, you can refer to the Help text by clicking on the HelpIcon.png icon. Once you save the formula, it will appear as shown below:


You can anytime modify the formula and save the changes.

The formula created can be used in the product (master) option for price calculation.

Master Product Options

After creating the Master Formula, it is time to create a Master Product Options which includes the formula created. From the Admin >> Products >> Product Options screen, click on the Add button.

On the Add Product Option page, enter the option details. In the Price Settings section, it is important to select the Custom Formula option from the Option Price Formula field.


Now, for creating the formula copy the Formula Variable Name from the Formula screen and paste in curly braces in the space provided. Enter any other variable for the custom formula and then save.

Assigning Product Option to Package Product

Finally, it is time to assign the product option created to the respective Package product.