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Setup Mailgun

Mailgun Integration

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Mail Services TAB > Mailgun

Send marketing emails and transactional emails to your entire mailing list without needing to support your email server with Mailgun. Integrate Mailgun into your OnPrintShop web store and have real-time tracking of your emails. Mailgun helps in reducing the bounce rates of spam complaints by increasing deliverability features on your OnPrintShop store.

Read below a systematic guide to integrate Mailgun with your OnPrintShop website.

Step – 1 Registration with Mailgun

  • Visit http://www.mailgun.com/ and create a new account.
  • Else, log in with your email id and password into Mailgun.


  • Fill up the basic account details and add payment info if you wish to add them.


Step – 2 Mailgun Dashboard

On the dashboard, you can check your account details, the number of delivered emails, bounced emails, your registered domains, and get other important links.


Step – 3 Get API key and secret API key

On your dashboard go to your profile.

  • On the dropdown click on Security.


The security button will display your Private API key and Public validation key.

  • Copy and save both keys to configure in Admin Panel.


Step – 4 Add a new Custom Domain name

Add your custom domain to your Mailgun account, for this you may require to upgrade the Mailgun account and complete the payment. Also, update your DNS records to verify that you are an authorized sender for the domain you add.


Note: Mailgun may take a few days to verify your domain and DNS records. For any query in this contact our support system.

Step – 5 Configure details into Admin Panel

Add the account details, API key and secret key into your admin panel. Go to- Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Mail Services TAB > Mailgun > ‘Action’ Dropdown > ‘Edit’ Option

  • Enter your saved Secret Key API, Public Key API, your domain name, Sent from email, and reply to email.
  • Click on Save & Continue.


Note: The Mailgun functionalities will not work until Mailgun verifies DNS records and domain names.