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Setup Firebase Shortlink

Firebase Shortlink Integration

Admin >> Store Configuration >> External Service Settings >> Social Sharing tab >> Portfolio/Design Sharing

Let your customers share their portfolio or their saved designs on Social Media platforms (based on your selection). For sharing link generation, you need to integrate your OnPrintShop account with Firebase Console.

With this integration, you can configure the URL prefix and short link generation. Follow the below steps to configure Firebase Shortlink in your domain.

Step – 1 Create a New Project

  • Visit https://console.firebase.google.com/
  • Log in with your Google Account.
  • After successful login, create a new project by clicking on the Create a project (First Project) or Add project button.
  • Enter your project name, accept the terms and continue:
  • AddProject.png

  • On the next page choose to enable/disable Google Analytics. If you have “Enabled” Google Analytics then on the next page, select the location, accept the terms and create the project.
  • After creating a project Google Developers page will lead you to your project dashboard.

Step – 2 Generate Web API Key

  • Navigate to Build >> Authentication.
  • AuthenticationCreateWebAPIKey.png

  • Click on the Get Started button to generate the Web API Key.
  • To copy the generated API Key, navigate to Settings icon > Project Settings:
  • ProjectSettings.png

  • On the General tab of the Project Settings page, you will find the Web API Key:
  • ProejctSettingsWebAPIKey.png

  • Copy the Web API Key and keep it at a safe and secure place for the later part of the integration.

Step – 3 Add URL Prefix

  • For creating URL Prefix, from the left side panel go to Engage > Dynamic Links menu:
  • DynamicLinksGetStarted.png

  • Click on the Get Started button. The following screen will appear:
  • AddPrefixEnterAndSelect.png

  • Enter the domain which you want to use as the prefix. As you will start typing, Google will display you the free domain path options. You can use the free prefix or you can use your existing domain.
  • Once done click on the Continue button to add the prefix:
  • AddPrefix Done.png

  • Copy the URL Prefix created and keep it at a safe and secure place for the next part of the integration.

Step – 4 Admin Panel Configuration

  • In Admin Panel go to,Admin >> Store Configuration >> External Service Settings >> Social Sharing >> Portfolio/Design Sharing >> Action menu >> Edit option.
  • First of all, select the platforms for portfolio sharing.
  • SelectPlatformsSharing.png

    Note: The Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest platforms are for Desktop whereas the WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger platforms are for Mobile and Tablet devices.

  • The next step is to enable the Short link generation feature.
  • Now, enter the saved Web API Key and Domain URL Prefix:
  • AdminIntegration.png

  • Finally, select the suffix (short or unguessable) for the sharing link.
    1. Short: If you select this option then, the path component will be a 4-character string.
    2. Unguessable: If you select this option then, the path component will be a 17-character string.
  • Save the details. Your integration is setup successfully.

Now, at the OnPrintShop Front-store when your customers will share their design on the social media platforms (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram), this is how the normal link and short link as per configuration will appear: