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Setup Clickatell

Clickatell Integration

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > SMS Notification TAB > Clickatell

Integrate this global messaging gateway with your OnPrintShop web store to engage smartly with your customers. Clickatell is an SMS platform, which is a powerful and scalable communication system. This will enable you to manage your OnPrintShop store more efficiently and communicate well with your customers. With Clickatell integrated into your OnPrintShop web store, connect with your customers worldwide.

Read below a systematic guide to integrate Clickatell with your OnPrintShop website.

Step – 1 Register with Clickatell

  • Visit https://www.clickatell.com/sign-up/ and fill in the Sign-Up form.
  • ClickatellUpdate1.png

  • After registration wait for the verification email. This email will have the link to login into Clickatell.

Step – 2 Sign In into the Clickatell account

Follow the link provided to you by Clickatell in their verification email.

  • The link will make you choose the type of account you are willing to access i.e. Developer Central, Communicator, or SMS Platform/ Touch/ WhatsApp.
  • Choose SMS Platform/ Touch/ WhatsApp option.


  • Login with your email and password to continue.


Step – 3 Dashboard

After logging, Clickatell will redirect you to your Dashboard.

At first, you need to create an SMS integration app to use in your OnPrintShop web store.

  • Get started with Clickatell global API to integrate SMS into any application.


Step – 4 Set up test phone and create integration

To integrate the API and create a sender ID you will have to set up a test phone, create new integration and at the final step complete the payment.

Copy and save securely the API key shown on your dashboard.


Add Phone Section – this section will add a test phone, which will be used to test our channel integrations and check gateway capabilities before you activate the integration.


Create an SMS Integration Section – In this section enter the integration details. Provide data such as the name of your integration, messaging type, delivery type, settings, and select the phone number to complete the integration details.


Set up Billing Section – Complete the payment to start the SMS API services provided by Clickatell.


Step – 5 Configure ‘Clickatell API details’ into the Admin Panel

On the Admin Panel go to Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > SMS Notification TAB > Clickatell > ‘Action’ Dropdown > ‘Edit’ Option

  • Enter your Username and password of the Clickatell account.
  • Enter the saved API key and you will get the Sender ID from Clickatell.
  • Select the countries as required.
  • Enable two way messaging if you have enables the same in Clickatell API settings.
  • Enter email and save the changes.


For any assistance or in case of any query contact our technical support team at support@onprintshop.com