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Setup Add Shoppers

AddShoppers Integration

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Social Sharing TAB > AddShoppers

Increase your revenue through social media channels. With AddShoppers get real-time analytics regarding the performance of your website and identify your main influencers. Integrating AddShoppers with your OnPrintShop web store will add social sharing buttons, and provide a range of social media matrices. With AddShoppers, you can optimize your conversion rate, drive more traffic and increase average order value on your OnPrintShop Store.

Read below a systematic guide to integrate AddShoppers with your OnPrintShop website.

Step – 1 Create an AddShoppers Account

  • Login to your Admin panel and go to, Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > ‘Social Sharing’ TAB > AddShoppers (AddShoppers) > ‘Action’ Dropdown > Edit
  • Under the setting section, follow the link of Register to AddShoppers and create a new account.


  • Fill in the basic details to create an AddShoppers account like your Email ID, Phone Number, and your desired Password.
  • Click on Save & Continue.
  • AddShoppers2.png

    Step – 2 Get API key and Secret Token

    As soon as you click on ‘Save & Continue’ your API key, Secret Token, and Shop ID will automatically be generated, as shown below.

    • Choose the floating buttons networks.
    • Choose the position.
    • Do the other necessary changes.
    • Click on Save & Back button.


    Step – 3 Save Changes

    This successfully configures your AddShoppers account with your OnPrintShop web store. You can see the below buttons of AddShoppers on your website.

    Explore more options from your AddShoppers account.


    Step – 4 Login to AddShoppers

    After registration, log in to your AddShoppers account at https://app.addshoppers.com/login/ with your email address and password as created in Step – 1.


    Step – 5 Dashboard Overview

    After login you will be shown your “Dashboard”. The dashboard will provide you a quick overview of a number of your website visitors, pages overview, shoppers’ overview, and popularity of clicked sources, social logins and more.

    In addition, you can see how much revenue your OnPrintShop store has generated by AddShoppers sharing and the customers who have shared your products.