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FAQ:Sales Agents Management

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Sales Agents Management

Video: Click below link to watch the vidoe to learn more about Sales Agent Management.
Sales Agent

1. What is sales agent and how it works?

Sales agent could be a person you appoint for boosting your sales or a reseller on commission basis who brings customers for you.
When the customers of sales agent place an order on your website, the sales agent will be entitled to get the commission based on the commission set in the admin panel by You.

2. How to create a Sales Agent Account?

You can create a Sales Agent from below path.
Business Partners>>Sales Agent>>Add (Top Right Corner)

3. How can I set the agent’s commission?

You can set the agent’s commission from the admin panel:
Business Partners>>Sales Agent>>ADD/Action>>Edit>>Setup Commission
The commission can be set up in two ways.

  • Fixed commission
  • Dynamic Commission.
4. Can my Sales Agent create his own customer list?

Yes, your sales agent will be able to create his own customer list from his admin panel. He will be able to create multiple customers using Import via excel sheet.
Customers>> Website customers>>Add/Import

5. Will my Sales Agent be notified if the order is placed by his customer? And how?

Your sales agent will receive an e-mail notification on his registered e-mail ID if his customer places an order on the website. The sales agent will also be able to view the order list on his admin with complete order details.
Orders>>List Order

7. How to manage the commission payment to the Sales Agent?

As an admin you can manage the commission of the Sales agent from admin panel. Your Sales Agent will be notified when you make the changes.
Business Partners>>Sales Agent>>Action>>submit
Commission payment.png

8. How many Sales Agent I can create in Admin?

You can create unlimited Sales Agents from the admin.

9. As an Admin, can I create customers for my sales agent?

Yes, as a super admin/admin you can create customers on behalf of your Sales Agent from the admin panel. You can also assign the existing customers to the sales agent.
Customers>>Website customers>>Action>>Edit>>Sales Agent
Also while creating a customer select proper sales agent in the customer creation form.

10. Will my Sales Agent be able to see how much commission he has earned?

The sales agent will be able view his commission earned as well as pending to be paid by the admin from his (sales agent’s) admin panel.
Commission earned show.png

11. My Sales Agent wants to know how much commission he has earned in a month, how he can see that?

The sales agent will be able to generate report from his admin panel and can check the related details.
Reports>>Partners>>Sales Agent Commission

12. Can the Sales Agent know how many customers are there under his agency?

Yes, from sales agent’s admin panel, he can view total number of customers under his agency.
Customers>>Website Customers

13. Will the Sales Agent be able to see the Order details placed by his customers?

You sales agent will be able to view the orders placed by the customers under his agency.

14. Sales Agent can see all my orders?

No, the sales agent will only be able to see the orders placed by the customers under his agency.

15. Can my sales agent place the order on behalf of his customer?

Yes, the sales agent can login on behalf of his customers from storefront and place the order and also he can place the order from the admin panel on the behalf of his customers.

16. One of my Sales Agent is not working for me, how to remove him from my Admin?

You can remove the sales agent from the super admin panel.
Business Partners>>Sales Agent>>Action>>Delete