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Sales Agent

Sales Agent

Business partners are the ones who help you accelerate the growth of your business. While you take care of your business you would require various agents to take care of your sales and marketing. This module helps you serve this purpose.

Based upon your needs you can add sales agents and configure their details. As a sales agent is self-employed and works as an independent contractor, they charge a percentage of the total sales made from the customers referred by them. Along with configuring the Sales Agents, you can define the percentage commission for a different range of order amounts.

If a customer belongs to any sales agent, then you can define the same from Customers Edit page. Visit add customers.


Enable/Disable Sales Agent Module

The sales agent module is by default set to on, you can any time enable or disable the module according to your business model.

Admin >> Store Configuration >> Site Settings >> Search ‘sales’ >> Enable Printer Module (Select Yes or No)


Add Sales Agent

To add a sales agent into your system, go to,

Admin >> Business Partners >> Sales Agent >> ‘+Add’ Button

Fill in the basic details of the sales agent such as name and email. Along with entering the login credentials for the sales agent i.e. username and password. Using these credentials, a sales agent will be able to login to their Admin Panel. However, the sales agent has the rights to change these login credentials whenever required.

From the ‘Setup Commission’ section you can configure the percentage commission. This commission will be paid to the sales agent for the orders placed by customers under them. The commission type can be of two types

  • Fixed: This will help you set a fixed commission in percentage for the sales agent. This percentage will be same irrespective of the order amount.
  • Dynamic: Using this option you can set the commission based on the order amount range in percentage. Add different commissions for prices depending on the requirements.


Action Menu of Sales Agent

You can perform various actions on the sales such as view, edit their details, pay them commission, and even login into their Admin Panel



This shows the agent’s details, such as their orders, active orders, customers assigned to them, their commission type along with a quick link to login into their admin panel.

Along with the total orders and active orders you will find quick links for the order’s details page and customers’ details page.



Quick link to edit the basic details of the Sales Agent.

Manage Commission

This displays details regarding the commission percentage amount to be paid to the selected sales agent on different orders along with their status based on the configuration.

The default status of each order is shown as ‘Unpaid’, Admin can change the status to ‘Paid’ or ‘Cancelled’ by selecting a particular order(s) using the available checkboxes and change their status from the Action Menu.


View Customers

A quick link to view the customers assigned to the sales agent. You can carry out various actions from here such as view orders, templates and more. This option redirects to the website customers listing page.

View Orders

Quick link to view all orders placed by customers under selected sales agents. This redirects to the List Orders Page.

Login as Sales Agent

Quick link to enter into the selected sales agent's admin panel and perform actions on their behalf (access orders placed by customers under them and view Sales Agent Commission report).

Sales Agent Dashboard

The sales agent dashboard looks very much similar to the Admin Panel. Any agent can log in into their dashboard using their credentials.

With the quick action buttons agent can easily navigate through their orders, active orders and their customers. The Sales Agent’s Admin Panel has a dynamic navigation menu on the left.