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SSL Certificate Installation

SSL Certificate Installation

Protect the sensitive information of your web store as it travels across the Internet and other computer networks with a highly recommended security layer SSL certificate. The information transferred over the Internet is encrypted format due to an SSL certificate.

At OnPrintShop, we have the facility to install an SSL certificate on your web store. The SSL certificate installation process is divided into two sections.

Part 1 Purchase of an SSL certificate

Visit any of the top SSL service providers to purchase an SSL Certificate. A few to the list are-

After the purchase of an SSL certificate provide your SSL certificate information to the OnPrintShop support team and follow the steps given in the second section.

Part 2 For SSL certificate installation

Step - 1

Provide the OnPrintShop support team the following information about your SSL certificate. Email us at support@onprintshop.com.

  • Email
  • Domain Name to make cert for
  • City
  • State
  • Country (2 letter abbreviation)
  • Company Name
  • Company Division

Step - 2

OnPrintShop Support Team will generate the CSR based on the above information and provide you the CSR file.

Step - 3

CSR file is required to download the SSL certificate from the SSL service provider. With the CSR File, download the SSL certificate.

Note: OnPrintShop solution is hosted on Apache + MOD SSL server. Sometimes you might require to select the server environment.

Step – 4

Send the generated certificate to the OnPrintShop Support team.

Step – 5

OnPrintShop support team will install the SSL certificate on your website.

Note: OnPrintShop also offers FREE cPanel SSL if you do not want to purchase your SSL certificate. It will be cPanel Auto SSL. Refer to https://blog.cpanel.com/autossl/ for more information. For this, there is no requirement to follow the certificate installation process. Just contact OnPrintShop support.