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SMTP Setup


SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a push protocol to send emails. It helps servers communicate and facilitates the delivery of an email message. It verifies the configuration of the computer from where the email is sent with a follow-up of successfully delivered email.

At OnPrintShop, we provide your SMTP setting on our server. This means all the emails sent from your storefront to your customers, clients, etc. will be delivered using your own SMTP.

There are numerous advantages of having your SMTP server; to list a few are –

  • It will become very much easy to control the delivered emails from your storefront.
  • SMTP servers will save your emails from landing into the spam box or junk box of the receiver.
  • You get the flexibility to send more emails per day without any email bouncing back.
  • SMTP servers save your email from being marked spam.

To set up your SMTP server, you need to gather the following information -

  • SMTP Username
  • SMTP Password
  • SMTP Port
  • SMTP Hostname

You can get the above information from the ultimate SMTP guides-

After gathering all the required data there is a need to integrate SMTP into the Admin panel. Read below a systematic guide to integrate SMTP in your OnPrintShop website.

Step – 1 Configuration of SMTP details into Admin Panel

For Admin Panel Configuration go to,


Step – 2 Add New Connection

  • On the email configuration page click on the ‘Add Connection’ button at the top right corner.


  • On the Add Connection page, enter the collected data from SMTP service providers.
  • Enter the title, hostname, port number, username, and password.
  • Click on Save & Back.


After a successful connection, you will be able to send an email from your SMTP server.

In case of any query or failure, contact the OnPrintShop support team at support@onprintshop.com