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Quote Status

Quote Status

Throughout the quote’s lifecycle, it has to undergo a lot of updates and changes. When you receive a quote and till the time it is approved by the customer, the quote undergoes several status updates.

These quotes statuses will keep the customers, as well as the Admin, informed about the quote’s condition.

This section enlists all the possible Quote’s Statuses based on different scenarios that can occur throughout the whole quote cycle. We have given you (Admin) the flexibility to edit, title, description, email template and other details required.

Customer Quote Status

These statuses are related to the Customer and Admin.

For certain quote status where email notifications can be sent to the customer, you can edit the email template using the Email Description Help given there.

  • Quotation (pending) – As soon as you or your customer places a quotation, the by default status applied to it is the Quotation (pending).
  • Customer Review Pending – At times, it becomes difficult for you to fulfill the exact same order as described by the customer in the quote. In such situations when you post a message for the customer then the quote is updated with ‘Customer Review Pending’.
  • Admin Review Pending – This status indicated that the customer has left some message for the Admin to review.
  • Quotation – After the Admin sends the price to Customer for their quoted products the status of the Quote changes to ‘Quotation’.
  • Quote Rejected – If the price quoted by you doesn’t meet the requirements of the customer then the customer can ‘Reject’ your quote. This will update the quote status to ‘Quote Rejected’.
  • Quotation Approved – After sending the order quote if the customer approves the Quoted Amount then the status changes to ‘Quotation Approved’.
  • Quotation Completed – After quote approval if the customer places an order for the same then the status is changed to ‘Quotation Completed’.
  • Quote Cancelled – If the Admin cancels the quote or the system cancels it due to the expiration of the quote then the Quote is termed as Cancelled.
  • Quotation Partially Completed – This is a new status introduced. If the ‘Allow Partial Quote’ is enabled, and if the customer places an order of partial products from the quote then the quote status is ‘Quote Partially Completed’.


Printer Quote Status

As you assign a quote to the printer then the system will automatically update the status of those quotes. Different Printer Quote statuses are –

  • Assigned to Printer – As soon as you request to your printer to send an estimation of the quote, the quote status becomes ‘Assigned to Printer’.
  • Quotation Declined – If the printer declines your quotation i.e. they decline your estimated request for the quote then the Printer’s quote status becomes ‘Quotation Declined’.
  • Quotation – If the printer sends you the requested estimated quote then the printer status of the quote becomes ‘Quotation’.
  • Quotation Approved – When you approve the Printer’s quote, then the status of quote changes to Quotation Approved and the printer receives an email for the same.
  • Quotation Disapproved – This status will appear when you (Admin) will disapprove of the estimated quote sent by the Printer.   


All the status will have a pre-defined email template associated with it. You can anytime go to Action Menu >> Edit and check the email template, edit the email subject line and email template description.

Note – For Customer Quote Status or Printer Quote Status, you can only view the status and edit their email template description. You cannot add any new status as per your requirements, as the system automatically updates the Quote Status on every action.