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Quote Section Features91

Quote Section Changes

“Skip to Upload Print-Ready File” option for Quote-to-Order

Now, the admin will have the facility to set to skip the Quote Design Upload page at the front store. For this, we have added a setting “Skip to upload print ready file” in Quote Action section of the Update Quote page:


When this setting is enabled and the customer will approve the quote, the system will redirect directly to the Shopping Cart skipping the Quote Design Upload page.

Estimated Price Display in Quote

While placing the quote from the admin panel, we will now display the estimated price for the existing products depending on the product and additional option selection:

PriceDisplay Quote.png

When the admin will define all the details and click on the Save and Continue button, on the Update Quote page under the Quote Action section, the estimated price will come auto-filled in the Price field as displayed below:

PricePrefilled Quote.png

The price displayed in the Price field is editable, the admin can modify the price as per the requirement.