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Product Section Features91

Product Section Enhancements

Add Associate Product to Cart

In this release, we bring the functionality of creating an Associate Product. Here, the admin needs to create a predefined product (associate product) and map/associate it with product options.

Create Associate Product

In the admin panel, navigate to the Products >> Products >> Predefined Products page. The process of creating a predefined product remains the same. Here, we have created a Banner Stand:

Associatepdt PredefinedPdt BannerStand.png

Create a Product Master Option

Navigate to the Products >> Products >> Product Option page. The process of creating a master option remains the same. Here, you need to create a master option that you want to map with the Associate Product. We have created the below master option with Yes/No attributes:

Associatepdt MasterOption.png

Associate Product

Once you are done with creating the master option, click on the Associate Product button from the Product Options page. From the Associate Product Page, click on the Add button:

Associatepdt Add.png

Create the Associate product as described below:

  • Title: Enter the title/name for the Associate Product.
  • Product Options: Select the Master option and the attribute based on whose selection this product will be associated. (Map your product with the selected attribute of the master option)
  • Quantity Multiplier: Describe the multiplier in number here. This should be the quantity of the associated product added against one product added at the store front.
  • For example; if on the addition of one banner, 2 banner stands should be added, then you should enter 2 in the blank space.
  • Associate Product: Select the predefined product (associate product) you created. E.g. Banner Stand
  • Status: Set the status of the product.

Front Store View

At the Front-Store, when a customer chooses banner as the product and selects Yes attribute for the “Do you want Banner Stand?” master option, then its associated product (Banner stand) will be automatically added to the Price Calculator, Product Info Page and Shopping Cart.

Price Calculator

Associatepdt PriceCalculator.png

Shopping Cart

Associatepdt ShoppingCart.png

Product Section Enhancements

For a better product configuration experience, we have made the below enhancements:

  • We have separated the product description from the Edit product tab and created a new tab named “Description”.

ProductSection Changes.png

  • As you may have noticed in the above image, we have also renamed some of the product sections like designer options, additional options, options rules, shipping price etc.
  • Also, we have moved the “Allow Free Shipping” setting from the Edit tab to the General section of the Settings ta

Product-Specific Shipping Method

From OPS v9.1, the admin will have the provision to assign shipping methods based on the selected products. With this functionality, the admin will have 3 options:

ProductSp Shipping Method.png

All Products: Selecting this option will display the configured shipping method whenever any of the products from the website is added to the shopping cart. (Applicable to all products).

Include Specific Products: When the admin will select this option, he/she needs to add select some products to which the selected shipping method will be available i.e. when any/all of the specified product is added to the shopping cart only then the configured shipping method will be available to the customer.

Note: If the customer has added multiple products to the cart any of which was not assigned in the shipping method, then the shipping method will not be available to the customer.

Exclude Specific Products: When the admin select this option then the shipping method will be not available to the specified products i.e. when any of the specified product is added to the cart, then this shipping method will not be available to the customer.

Product Master Options Enhancements

Setup Product-wise Master Option Price

From OnPrintShop v9.1, we are providing the facility to setup product-wise Master Option Price. In the Options tab of any product, the admin will get an option to setup the price for the Master options:

ProductWise MasterOptionsPrice.png

Attribute Price

Clicking on the $ (Dollar) icon allows the admin to configure the pricing of the Master Options. It will take you to the next page where you can define the prices for the attributes of the selected Option:

AttributePrice MasterOption.png

Here, the system will include the product-wise pricing of master options along with the pricing set in the Product Options section of the selected option.

Combined Price

Along with the Product-wise pricing for Master options, the admin will also have the facility to create a combined price using the Master options.


The pricing calculation in the combined price will include the combined price of master options as well as individual prices of master option attributes.

“Option Key” of one master option in another Master Option Formula

Now, the admin has the facility to use the “Option Key” variable of one master option while creating the custom formula of another master option (while creating a new master option).

This is useful in case when one of the product options’ price calculations is dependent on another product option. For example, the price calculation of the Finishing Type option is dependent on the Paper type option.

Creating Formula

The master option who’s Option Key you need to use in the custom formula of another master option, you need to specify the attribute option keys including the pricing with “|” separator:

OptionKeyFormula pricing.png

Now, you can need to add the option key of the master option in formula using the curly braces and “|”:


For more details on how you can use the option key variable in the formula, you can click on the help icon.

Import Functionality for Master Option Attribute

The admin will now have the facility to import the attribute prices using an excel file or CSV file for the product master options. Once prices are imported, you can also verify the prices along with attributes.

For this, we have provided an “Import Price” button on the Product Option Price page:

ImportPrice button.png

Once the clicks on the Import Price button, the system will redirect to the Import Product Option Price page:

ImportPrice Mainpage.png

In the downloaded template, you can modify the details using the help provided in the Step 2 screen. Once you have made the changes and uploaded the file, you will get a summary as shown below:

ImportPrice summary.png

The detail will be displayed below these labels.

Default Attribute Overwrite for Master Option

We have provided a facility to the admin to overwrite the default master option selection on the  “Assign Product Option” page. This can be used when the admin has not assigned the default master option to the products or they want to change the default option in the assigned products:

Default Overwrite Pdtassign.png

We have also added a variable in the Master Option Sync screen to set the default attribute for the selected Master option in all the assigned products at once:

Default Overwrite OptionSync.png

Easily Assign Products to Your Stores

In this release, we have enhanced the product assignment to stores. Now, the admin can easily assign products to multiple stores and their private stores by selecting the stores and their private stores in the User Type field of the Product Edit screen:

UserType ProductAssignment.png

Default Order Product Status for Pre-Defined Products

While creating a new Order Product Status or editing the existing one, the admin will now have the option named “Default Status for Predefined Product” to set the selected status as the default status for the pre-defined products.