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Product Section Features90

Product Section Features

Create “Admin Only” Product (Master) Options

We are offering a new Product Option type, “Admin Only” to serve the purpose of product options only for price calculation and not to display to your customers.

If you have a process that includes some additional cost in completing the order like creasing, cutting, etc. then, while creating the new product option, you can select the “Admin Only” from the Type drop-down.


Specify the other details along with the Price Calculation settings and you are done.

For this ‘Admin Only’ option, only ‘Formula based’ pricing method will be applicable.

This product option type will not be displayed to the customer on the front end as this is for admin use only.

Product (Master) Option Enhancement

Set Product Specific Setup Cost in Product Options

Now, you have the provision to set product-specific setup costs for Product Options.

Home >> Products >> Additional Option >> Assign Product Options screen. We have added a new column for setup cost as shown below:


Validation in ‘Textbox’ Type Product Options

The system will now validate the values (minimum, maximum, interval and default) entered for the Textbox type additional option/product options by the customer on the front end.

While adding/editing Product Options or product additional option of ‘Textbox’ or ‘Textbox with/without multiplication’ type, you will have the provision to define its validation as shown below:

Product Options:


Additional Options:


This is how the validation for the configured textbox type option will display at the Front end:

Create Multiple Designer Rules

In this release, we bring you the facility to create multiple Designer Rules i.e. you can create more than one hide/show designer rule.


Custom Size Product Enhancement

Set the Size Interval

We have added one option of “Restrict Size Interval” in the Custom Products >> Settings >> Custom Size tab which will allow you to set an interval (integer or floating value) for entering the custom size of the Dynamic Size Products.


For example, when you have configured “5” as the restricted size interval (as displayed in the above image), then the customer can only enter the size for custom products in the multiple of 5.

In this size interval you can also configure float values – 0.5, 0.75, etc.


Cross-Check Size Validation

It may have happened that any of your customers have entered the value for Portrait size product whereas you have configured dimensions for Landscape size or vice-versa. Because of this, the system has asked them to enter the values correctly based on the backend configuration (min/max value set for width and height):


Now, you can prevent this scenario by enabling the cross dimension validation where the system will validate the entered values of width in min/max height configured and value of height in min/max width configured. You can do so just by enabling the “Allow cross dimension” option from Custom Products >> Settings >> Custom Size tab:


Configure Size Range in Float Values

Entering the size for the Custom Size Products has been improved by allowing the admin to set the size range in float values (decimal points):


Duplicate ‘Product Page Layout’ With the Product:

When you duplicate a product and on the Duplicate Product page, you select the Product Templates checkbox then, the ‘template layout’ for standard products and the ‘page layout’ for photobook, calendar and canvas products will also be duplicated.