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Product Section80

Product Section Enhancements

Product Price by Linear Interpolation Formula

Earlier, for Price Defining Method – 'Range Based with Multiplication and' ‘Dynamic/Custom size’ there was Direct Price Calculation done. Due to this pricing, as the quantity increased the pricing decreased.

In this release, we will introduce an advanced feature – ‘Linear Interpolation formula’ for the Product Price calculation for the ‘Range-based with multiplication’ and ‘Dynamic/Custom size’ pricing method. It will be setting based.

This will allow you to charge customers the same price for each unit. It will help maintain the marginal profit for each unit regardless of the units sold in order.

Go to, Admin >> Product >> Action Menu of any product >> ‘Edit’ option

Product Section741.png

The product price for each quantity within a range varies, the price for each quantity will increase in arithmetic progression. Until now the product price remained the same for all the quantity within a range.

Example: Suppose Customer orders 1200 quantity of business card –

Product Section742.png

Now normal price calculation.

Increase quantity will be decrease price

Quantity = 1000, 1000 * 0.5 = 500

Quantity = 1200, 1200 * 0.4 = 480 (Price decrease even quantity higher side)

Linear price calculation

y = y0 + (x-x0) ({y1 - y0} / {x1-x0})

Product Section743.png

Calculation for Quantity - 1200

Linear Price = 0.5 + (1200-1000) ((0.4-0.5) / (5000-1000))

Total Price = 1200 * 0.495 = 594

Thus, price is maintained in the linear form concerning an increase in quantity.

  • Price calculation will be done by the given formula to maintain price based on entered quantity.
  • Price calculation would apply to the product and its additional option base price and vendor price.

Product Options – Master

Another major feature that we are introducing in this release is Product Options. Through this, you will have the provision to configure Product Options only once and assign them to multiple products.


The main advantage is, in the common option you can configure all the possible attributes then while assigning them to products enable only the applicable attributes.

For this we have added a new screen Product Options. Go to, Admin >> Products >> Product Options.

Product Section7421.png

From here, you can add product options, option groups, create designer rules, bind canvas options, and create option rules.

In the Add Product Options screen we have added four input types – Radio Button, Dropdown, Checkbox, and Textbox.

Product SectionUpdated15.png

There are other settings such as weight setting, price defining method, option key, etc.

You can configure product option Pricing based on formulas, Multiplier, Linear Formula, or no price at all.

Also can configure range-lookup based on Quantity, Area, Total Area, number of sheets, etc. This feature will save you a lot of time for individual Product Option creation.

Product SectionUpdated16.png

After price settings Admin will get the option to add option attributes. Depending upon the product option’s setting there will be several details to fill.


There are several presentation settings provided for the Product Options. The product options will load with these settings when assigning them to the product, but Admin will have an open room to make changes at product-level i.e. specific to the products.

If the price setting is – Formula Based, then you’ll be able to add attribute prices. For this click on the $ like symbol on the Product Options page. Here, a pop-up will appear to define the range. After defining the ranges Admin can set up price for options attributes.


How to assign product options to any product?

To assign product go to, Admin >> Product >> Action Menu of any product >> Additional Options >> Assign Product Options (button)

Here, all the product options, created will be listed with their attributes.

You can enable the option status to assign them to the product. Also, we have kept checkboxes for each attribute, thus giving you an open room to add the desired option attribute for the product.

At the hover of various elements, you can see the necessary information required such as product option type, option key, etc.

You can define the sort order of each attribute, thus controlling the display of options.

Product Section80116.png

Clicking on Show More will display the presentation settings of the product option. The presentation settings will load with the once set while creating the option. Here, you can manage the display settings of the option for a particular product.

Product Section74117.png

To know more about the Product Options follow this link.

Additional Options before Product Size (Especially for Label product)

We allow Admin to control additional options by size. Now we have made a development such that the Product Sizes can be controlled via Additional Options.

This feature will be very helpful for the Label Products price calculator, you can display additional options like Label Type, Shape, etc. before selecting a size.

Following the development, we have added a new setting on Add Additional Options page – Display above Size.

  • Enable: The additional options will be listed above the Size Dropdown (at the front store) and allow to create of option rules to control the size.
  • Disable: The additional option will be dependent on the product size i.e. show the default additional option behavior.
Note – The setting is only available for Radio and Dropdown input types and will not work if the Hire Designer option is enabled.

To configure the same, go to, Admin >> Product >> Action menu of any product >> Additional Option >> +Add >> Set Type as – Radio or Dropdown


Creating Option Rules

For option rules we have added a new rule – Additional Option Based Size Hide.

Selecting the rule will list all the additional options attributes with input type as Radio and Dropdown with Display Above Size setting enabled.

Product Section745.png

Note: This option is not available for custom size products.

Custom Size Product: quantity-based Additional Options Price

Earlier, the quantity-based pricing was only available for Product base price. Now, we will provide a provision to set Quantity based pricing for the Additional Options.

Go to, Admin >> Products >> Action Menu of any product >> Additional Option >> Action Menu of any additional option >> ‘Quantity Based Attribute Price’

Product Section746.png

In the Action Menu of ‘Additional Options’ we have added a new menu item – ‘Quantity-Based Attribute Price’. This will redirect Admin to the Quantity Based Attribute Price page of the product.

Product Section747.png

  • Here, Admin can configure the quantity-based price for the different product sizes and additional option wise. Also, configure prices for different additional options and sizes using the dropdowns provided.
  • We have given two columns – Quantity From and Quantity To where Admin can define various quantity ranges according to their business needs.
  • If prices are configured in ‘Quantity Based Price’ in the ‘Price’ tab then on the ‘Quantity Based Attribute Price’ screen, all the quantity ranges configured will be populated only for the first instance and Admin can anytime edit them.
  • The Quantity Based Attribute Price button is also available on the Additional Option Price pages of the products.

Additional Option Rules Enhancement

Edit Sort Order of Option Rules on the listing page

We have now given a facility to change the sort order from the option rules listing screen. Also, the sort order option is given in the option rule edit screen. This will help Admin to set sort order according to their business needs.

Product Section748.png

Improved AND/OR Condition

We have improved the logic of AND condition, now the rules created with AND condition will work more accurately and serve the business need.

Create a rule for ‘Select Option/Other’

The Additional Options that are marked as required has the option – ‘Select Option’. Now, you will have the facility to configure rules based on the ‘Select Option’ option selection. Similarly, for Request Quotes of existing products, you will be able to configure additional options rules based on the ‘Select Others’ option selection. This rule will be applicable when a customer chooses the Other option from the Additional Option dropdown and define their custom option.

Product Section749.png

Minor Enhancements

New blocks in product page layout

  • We’ve added new blocks in the product page layout – Product Description 2 and Product Extra Message 2.
  • To add these blocks in the ‘Product Page Layout’ go-to, Admin >> Store Personalization >> Product Page Layout >> Click +Add to add a layout
  • Here, there are two new product blocks in the Select Block dropdown.
  • Product Section7410.png

  • Value of Product Description 2 block –
    • For the value of the Product Description 2 block, a new section – Product Description 2 is added on the product edit screen.
    • Product Section7411.png

  • Value of Product Extra Message 2 block –
    • For the value of this block, a new CMS page – ‘product_info_extra_msg_two’ is added in the ‘Content’ listing under Content Management.
    • Product Section7412.png

Default/minimum value for additional options

  • The current system didn’t have any provision to enter/display the minimum and default values in ‘Text-box with or without multiplication’ fields. So now we have developed an interface to add minimum value and the default value for the ‘Textbox with or without multiplication’ option.
  • Product Section7413.png

  • If the default value is less than the minimum value then the default value will not be displayed at the front end.

Size based set-up cost

  • Earlier, we allowed to add set up cost to the product, now we have enhanced this functionality and allowed the Admin to apply set-up cost product size-wise. This will also be helpful to show size-wise minimum product price to your customers.
  • For this development, we have added a new column in the ‘Designer Option’ pages of the product. Go to, Admin >> Product >> Action Menu of any product >> Designer Option
  • Product Section7414.png

  • For predefined products also we have added a similar column, where Admin can add the setup cost.

Price Calculation

  • If the size-wise setup cost is added then the product price calculation will be as follows –
    • Total Product Base price = Product Base price + Product Set up cost + Size based setup cost.
  • If the admin configured both setup cost – ‘product setup cost’ & ‘size based setup cost’, then the system shall consider both setups cost in the ‘Total Product base price’ calculation.
Note – This size based setup cost is not available for the ‘Dynamic Size’ Pricing Method.

Duplicate additional options for the same product

  • Earlier, we allowed to duplicate the Additional Options but the product list didn’t include the same product from where the additional option was being duplicated.
  • Now, making the earlier development more flexible we’ll allow Admin to duplicate the Additional Option for the same product.
  • Product Section7415.png

Product-specific order cut-off time

  • Till now we had given the provision to set a cut-off time for all the products, i.e. the cut-off time defined in the Site Setting applied to every product of the print store. Now, making this more flexible we have provided a Cut-off time dropdown for each product.
  • Go to, Admin >> Product >> Action Menu of any product >> ‘Edit’ option
  • Product Section7416.png

  • If the product’s order is placed after the cut-off time, then it will be considered as the next day’s order. If set as default, then the cut-off time set in site settings will be referred.

Set product quantity interval

  • Till now we have given a provision to enter Default Quantity under Product Setting. Now, along with the default quantity, Admin will get a chance to enter a range in which the quantity will arithmetically progress.
  • To use this feature, go to – Admin >> Product >> Products >> Action Menu of any product >> Product Setting >> Under General Tab – ‘Default Quantity & Interval’
  • Admin can separate the default quantity and interval for arithmetic progression with a Pipe Separator (|).
  • Example – 20|10. Now here the quantity will increase as in the multiple of 10 – such as 20, 30, 40, 50, etc. Any quantity entered other than a multiple of 10 will show an error message to end Customers.
  • Product Section7417.png

  • The first value for default quantity and after pipe (|) quantity interval value.
  • If the quantity is not as defined in the Product Setting then, customers will get an error in the following cases.
    • When quantity entered is less than the default quantity.
    • When quantity is not in the multiple of defined interval.
  • When customers increase or decrease then it will increase/decrease in the multiple of what is defined after the pipe separator. It is 10 in this case.
  • ProductUpdate8020.png

Schema mark-up

  • Schema markup is a structured data vocabulary that helps search engines better understand the info on your website to serve rich results.
  • Now, Admin can add Schema Markup code for their pages.
  • Under Admin>> SEO >> Page Title, Keyword Setting we have added a new field ‘Additional Schema Mark-up’.
  • Here, using the help provided add schema for various pages.
  • Product Section7420.png

Note – This feature is only available for Product Pages, Content Pages, FAQ page(s), and Static Pages.

Meta-tag enhancement

  • We have added Meta type – Name and Property for better searching and ranking by search engines, helpful for SEO purpose.
  • To find the same, go to, Admin >> SEO >> Metatags Settings.
  • Here, under Add Metatag, we have given a ‘Select Type’ dropdown with name and property. You can choose any and add your metatag.

Product Section74 New31.png