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Product Page Layout

Product Page Layout

We have given an option to manage the details of your product pages.

Note – Any changes made in this section will directly be reflected on the Product Pages of your website. 

Using our customization features you can create layouts for specific products or product group.

The system has pre-built layouts for a product page which you can preview using the preview icon. You cannot edit these pre-build layouts; however, you can assign these to your products.

The Web and Mobile layouts for each Product Type is made available under the Product Type tab with unique naming conventions.


Action Menu of Page Layout

  • Edit: You cannot Edit the Pre-Defined layouts of the product pages. However, you can edit locks of those layouts which are created by you. For the predefined layouts, you only get the option to change – Sidebar Display and Assign products to it.  
  • Duplicate Layout: For the pre-built product page layouts will have the option to duplicate the layout and quickly create a new one. This will also allow you to modify the design by adjusting the block(s).
Note –  Duplicate action will not reflect any changes in the default layouts.  
  • Delete: 2-step delete confirmation will permanently delete the selected product page layout. Pre-built layouts and layouts set as default will not have a delete option into their Action Menu.

Add Layout

We allow Admin to Customize Page Layout for other products types like Predefined, Photobook, Book Products and Calendar Products.

These options will only appear if your Admin Panel has all these products enabled.

Name – Enter the layout name

Product Type: Select the product type for which you want to create a layout. Below image shows all the possible product type available in our system. You will see options according to your configuration.


Layout Type: select whether you want to create a layout for web or mobile.  

Note: If you have created a layout for the web it will not be automatically applied you will have to create a specific layout for mobile device also.

Select Product: You can select the product(s) for which you want to create a Product Page Layout. This layout will be displayed on the front store when the customer selects this product. This will list all the products falling in the category of the Product Type you have selected earlier.

Select Block: From the dropdown list choose sections you want to include on your product pages and click Add in Layout. They will instantly populate under the Arrange Blocks section.

Arrange Blocks: Move the blocks to arrange their placements. Hold and drag the right corner of a block to increase or reduce its size.

SideBar Display: Tick Default if you want to display the sidebar on the product page and No sidebar if you don't want to display the sidebar on the product page.

Action Buttons: Choose the display pattern for action buttons like alignment Horizontal or Vertical, Type Icon or Button and Should the buttons appear in Pop-up or directly on the page.