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Product Options

Product Options

Admin >> Product >> Product Options

This section will reduce your man-power and allow you to create product options. You can configure Product Options only once and assign them to multiple products.

The main advantage is; in the common product option you can configure all the possible attributes at once then while assigning them to products enable only the applicable attributes.

You can configure product option Pricing based on formulas, Multiplier, Linear Formula, or no price at all. Also can configure range-lookup based on Quantity, Area, Total Area, number of sheets, etc.

Product Section7421.png

To add a Product Options, follow the below steps –

Go to, Admin >> Product >> Product Options >> +Add button

Here, you need to fill up data for the Product Option such as type, weight setting, pricing method, presentation settings, add attributes, description, etc. The description mentioned here will be same for all the Products to whom the option will be assigned.

Title and Tags

  • The first element is the option title and tags. Set a suitable title for a product option.
  • ProductOptions2.png

  • Second, assign suitable tags to the options. This will help in categorize similar product options based on specific criteria e.g. Product type wise. You can anytime click on ProductOptions22.png to add a new tag.
  • ProductOptions3.png

  • To add a tag, click the +Add button, enter the tag name and save.

Option Setting

Just like the product-specific additional options, you get to define various settings for the product options.


  • Type – Choose the input type for Product Option – there are 4 input types available namely Radio Button, Dropdown, Checkbox, and Textbox.
  • ProductOptions5.png

  • Weight Setting – Here, define how the product option weight will be calculated.


    • Multiply with quantity - The weight will be multiplied with quantity. For example, if the weight entered for Attribute 1 is 0.1 and the quantity is 100. Then weight will be calculated as – 0.1 x 100.
    • Multiple with quantity and area – The weight will be multiplied with product quantity and product area. For example – if the weight entered for Attribute 1 is 0.1. Then customer orders 100 product quantity with size 3 x 2.5 i.e. area = 7.5. Now, weight = 0.1 x 100 x 7.5
    • Product Specific Weight – Weight will be product-specific.
  • Option Key – This will be a unique identifier for the product options. This will come in handy while assigning the options to product(s).
  • Export Order Group - The group data will be used in Order Export Options. Add product option group from – Admin >> Product >> Product Option >> +Option Group

Price Settings


Multiple with Custom Textbox – This will list all the product options created as type – textbox. Choose the option(s) to multiply with the price of attributes.

Price Defining Method – The price calculation is quite versatile. We have several pricing options available for product options such as – Formula based, multiplier based, or no price at all.

  • No Price – Do not want to manage any price for this option.
  • Formula Based - The calculation will be based on the formula as defined. This pricing method is quite open.


    You can create a custom formula or choose from the one listed in the dropdown. To create any custom formula, use the variables given in the help button.


    You can anytime add a custom formula, just click on ProductOptions22.png, and enter the label name for the formula and then add the formula. Now this newly added formula will be available every time you set option based formula.

    • Range Lookup – When you set the custom formula, you can define how the Product Option price calculation lookup should be done. Depending upon the lookup selected you can create ranges (explained later in the document). The lookup can be done based on the quantity, area, sheet, height and width or page number of the product.
    • Linear Formula – The product price for each quantity within a range varies, the price for each quantity will increase in arithmetic progression. This will calculate the value of intermediate points between two known values using a formula. Thus, allowing you to charge customers the same price for each unit (quantity).
  • Multiplier in Subtotal – The multiplier value of a specific attribute will be multiplied with the product sub-total to get the price. At once only a single option multiplier will be applied to the price.

    For example, consider a situation where the multiplier is set in the following manner and these options are assigned to a product–


    Product Subtotal - $1500

    If the customer selects Sample Option 1 - Attribute 1. Then the price will be $1500 x 1.5 = 2250

    If the customer selects Sample Option 2 - Attribute 4. Then the price will be $1500 x 1.4 = 2100

    If customer selects Sample Option 1 - Attribute 2 and Sample Option 2 –Attribute 3. Then the total price will be $1500 x 2 = 3000

    This means that the system will calculate the price of the option whose sort order is found first if the pricing method is – Multiplier in Subtotal.
  • Multiplier in the base price – The multiplier value of attributes will be multiplied with the product’s base price to get the final price.

    You’ll get to set a multiplier for each product options attribute while adding attributes.

    For example, consider a situation where the multiplier is set in the following manner and these options are assigned to a product–


    Product base price - $5

    If customer selects Sample Option 1 - Attribute 2 and Sample Option 2 –Attribute 3

    Then the option price will be calculated as - $5x 2 + $5 x 1.2 = $17.5

    Here, the system will calculate the price of all the options if the pricing method is – Multiplier in Base Price.

How to add prices for Product Options with Price Setting – Formula Based?

If the price setting is – Formula Based, then you’ll be able to add attribute prices. For this click on the $ like symbol on the Product Options page.


Here, a pop-up will appear to define the range. As the Range Lookup set in Option Setting is Quantity, here you’ll get an intimation stating the ranges should be created based on Product Quantity. This can vary as per your configuration of Range Look-up

Click on the +Add button to add ranges as required.


Now, the next step is to set prices for the ranges for each attribute. For each range enter the price. All the other option attributes will be listed on the left side. You can switch between the attributes and define prices as per the range set.


Presentation Settings

There are several presentation settings provided for the Product Options. The product options will load with these settings when assigning them to the product, but you’ll have an open room to make changes.


Some important presentation settings are –

  • Display Above Size –This setting will allow you to control the Product Size, based on the options attribute selected. If enabled, then this product option will be listed above the Product Size Dropdown (at the front store) and allow the creation of option rules to control the size.
  • Presentation Group – If there are product options groups then adding the product option in this group will enhance the look and feel of the price calculator.

Setup Attributes of Product options

In this section add the option’s attributes. Depending upon the product option’s setting there will be several details to fill.


  • Option Name – The option name to be displayed at the front end.
  • Key - This will be a unique identifier for the product option attribute. This will come in handy while assigning product options to products and other internal purposes.
  • Setup Cost – An additional cost added to the product price.
  • Weight – This will appear only when the Weight Setting is – Multiply with Quantity or Multiply with Qty and Area.
  • Production Days – Days required to finish the printing process and deliver the final product.

Product Option Description

This is the product option description that will be displayed according to the Presentation Settings.

To create Designer Rules, follow the below steps –

Go to, Admin >> Product >> Product Options >> Designer Rule (top-right corner)

Here, you can create as many as designer rules required using the product options.

To create a rule, simply select the product option, select attribute, choose settings such as to allow editing on Additional Option Page or designer studio or upload center page. Define the pages and then click on +Add to save the rule.


Page Number – Enter comma-separated page numbers in sequence to hide pages based on the rule created in Designer Studio and Upload center.

E.g., Consider a product with pages as - Page 1, Page 2, ... Page 10 with sequence numbers like 1, 2, ... 10. And if 3,4 is entered in this field then Page 3 and Page 4 will be hidden based on the rule created.

The system will run a check to find the pages falling at the 3rd and 4th position, then whichever page it gets it will hide it.

Note – These rules will be overridden if there will be any product-specific designer rules i.e. any product-specific rule will be given priority before product option designer rules.

To create an Options Group, follow the below steps –

Go to, Admin >> Product >> Product Options >> Options Group (top-right corner)

The steps to create an option group are the same as creating an option group for an individual product.

To bind Product Options for Canvas, follow the below steps –

Now, if you have created Product Options for canvas products then you can bind them from this section.

There can be several options possible for canvas products (single, multiple, and split photo canvas) such as Edge Design, Image Effect, Border Thickness, etc. Then why bind the additional options again and again for every product.

You can easily create these product options and then bind them with the pre-defined events (created by OPS Team).

To bind the Product Options for Canvas, follow the below steps –

  • Select Product Options from the dropdown.
  • Select the pre-defined event (created by OPS Team).
  • Select the event attribute.
  • ProductOptions16.png

To create product option rules, follow the below steps –

For the Product Options, we have provided the option to create option rules. To create an option rules, go to, Admin >> Product >> Product Options >> Option Rules (top-right corner)

Here, all the rules created for the product options will be listed. You can anytime click on the +Add button to create a new rule.


The steps to create a rule are the same as creating a rule for the product’s additional option.


For Area and Specific Quantity, we have given text boxes where you can define FROM and TO ranges.

How to assign Product Option to any product?

After creating product options you’ll require them to assign various products as per requirements.

To assign product go to, Admin >> Product >> Action Menu of any product >> Additional Options >> Assign Product Options (button)


Here, all the product options, created will be listed with their attributes.

You can enable the option status to add to the product. Also, we have kept checkboxes for each attribute, thus giving you an open room to add the desired option attribute for the product.

At the hover of various elements, you can see the necessary information required such as option type, option key, etc.

You can define the sort order of each attribute, thus controlling the display of product options.

Product Section80116.png

The multiplier shown on this page will be loaded from the Product Options section. You can overwrite this while assigning the option to any product.

Note – For every product, the multiplier of the Product Option and Sort Order will be considered the one defined while assigning the product option. Any changes made here will not be reflected in the Product Option, it will only affect the product.

Clicking on Show More will display the presentation settings of the product option. The presentation settings will load with the once set white creating the option. Here, you can manage the display settings of the option for a particular product.

Product Section74117.png

Note – The presentation setting provided during product assigning will be considered for the front store display. If you wish to make any changes in the future for a particular product, then make the changes product-wise. Changing the product options will not reflect on the already assigned product.