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Product Module72

Product Section Enhancements

Introducing Canvas Product

We have introduced a new product type – Canvas Product. The printing of such products is done on the canvas and the edges are customized to create a frame.

With OnPrintShop you can create a canvas product with great user experience and right features. It will in return give your customers classic and timeless feel, as it provides a more versatile approach when decorating.


  • The process of adding a canvas product remains the same as adding any other standard product.
  • To add a Canvas Product: choose the product type as ‘Canvas’.


  • Then create the Additional Options. Some of the possible additional options are – Frame type, the Canvas Edges, Frame Border, Canvas Effects and many more.
Note – We have to bind these Additional Options will later with the System’ Events and Attributes for product visualization.


  • After you bind the Additional Options of Canvas product with the System’ Events and Attributes, your customers will get the visualization of canvas options.
  • The pricing method for this product is defined as per the standard solution. No changes have been made in the same.

Kit Product Enhancements

Instead of a separate entity, the Kit Product will now be considered as a predefined Product. This will help the Admins manage the sort order of the product without any hassle. Along with this other database handling benefits, come handy in this feature.

Go to – Admin >> Product >> Pre-defined Product >> ‘Add’ Button

  • While creating a pre-defined product, Admin will get three options namely –


    • Yes – This will create a Kit Product.
    • Buy With Kit Only – The predefined product created can be bought when in the kit. (They will not be displayed at the product listing page.)
    • No – Create a predefined product as the regular process (can later be added in the kit if required)
  • On the selection of option ‘No’ and ‘Buy With Kit Only’, the system will let you add predefined product as our earlier system.
  • If you select ‘Yes’, you’ll be able to add a Kit Product, assign products to the kit and create kit rules.
  • You can switch between tabs (shown below), and configure your kit product. Create a kit product rule, add the markup, set default quantity, and lock quantity and more.


  • You can also lock Kit Order Quantity using the ‘Lock Kit Quantity’ options. Just enter comma-separated values (as shown in the above image) and these values will appear as a dropdown at the front end. Thus, giving Admin the flexibility to add/restrict quantities as per their business requirements.


  • Kit Products comes with a default product page layouts with various elements, with permission for Admin to change the layout as per need.

Add to cart Product (at category landing page)

With this feature, you can add the ‘Add to Cart’ button on Product List and Product Category Pages. Together with the cart button, you can also offer the quantity to choose for each product. 

  • For each Product Category page, you will find a setting named – ‘Add to Cart’. Admin >> Product >> Product Categories >> Choose Any ‘Category’ >> Action Menu >> ‘Edit’


  • Once you enable this setting, your customers will find an ‘Add to Cart’ button in every product (as shown below).


  • Clicking on the ‘Add to Cart’ button will perform either of two actions from below –
    1. If there are no Additional Options of a Pre-defined Product, customer can directly enter the quantity and continue on cart page.
    2. For standard and other products, customer will find a ‘View Details’ button redirecting them to the Product Info Page.
    3. For Pre-defined Product with additional options, a pop-up will occur to fill in the product additional options details and continue to cart.

Image Gallery for Additional Options

When a product has multiple option combinations, customers select a combination by choosing variants for every option. Now selecting any product option will make the main image of the product change.

This means when a customer selects a specific additional option attribute then the product image bind with the option will be displayed.

Taking the ref of the below image – when a customer clicks on various color blocks (which is an Additional Option named ‘Color’), the t-shirt of the selected color will be displayed.


  • Thus to achieve this image binding feature, we have provided a Configuration Setting option in the ‘Product Image Gallery’.

    Go to, Admin >> Product >> Select Any Product >> ‘Action Dropdown’ >> Gallery >> Gallery Setting

  • This will allow Admin to control the behavior of the product image gallery, it can be default or according to the specific additional option attribute.
  • The Option Dropdown will display all the Additional Options added for the product with the input type ‘Dropdown and Radio Button’.
  • Depending on the option selected from the dropdown, Admin will be allowed to update the image gallery and bind the images. The option dropdown will enlist all the Additional Option attribute selected from the Gallery Settings.


  • This image binding has several rules and limitations that you will come across while uploading the image for each Additional Option Attribute.

Additional Options In a Single Row

Earlier in our systems, the Additional Options were displayed in the block format i.e. they were stacked vertically. Each additional option starts with a new line and takes up the whole width. This occupied a lot of unnecessary space in the price calculator making it look very tacky.

Now, we have expanded this feature allowing in-line display of Additional Options, i.e. the options are stacked horizontally, rather than vertically. This will give a clear and concise view of all the Additional Options, saving up a lot of space in the Price Calculator.


  • To support this feature, there is a new setting added in the Additional Option Group namely, Option Display Style.


  • The Inline option will display the Additional Options belonging to that group in a line instead of blocks. You also get to choose the number of Additional Options to include on one line from the ‘No. of options in a row’ dropdown.

Export Specific Product Sample File

While importing bulk products, the excel file was downloaded with sample data. The sample data consists of mostly dummy content, making it difficult for the Admin to understand and fill the contents of each column.

Moving further we have provided a provision to select a product and download the sample data with real-time product information for reference.

This feature will be beneficial in the case where you have to import multiple products with the same specification and minor changes. You can download sample data of an existing product and easily fill the rest of the sheet, thus saving a hefty amount of time.


  • The import product section allows you to choose a product to download sample data for reference. At a time you can choose one product and download the sample file.

Starting-Price (of product) Feature

This is a marketing and promotional trick that store owners use to attract more customers. Google shopping feed generally uses such data to generate a Schema.org and rank your product and product pages.

The start price defined in the Product Settings will appear on the Category Landing pages of your website, Schema.org Microdata, and other Shopping Ads depending on your SEO Strategy.


Front View –


  • Admin can set various start price positions depending upon the design and website theme. Go to – Admin >> Store Configurations >> Site Setting >> ‘Theme Setting’ Tab >> ‘Option to Set Product Start Price’ Setting


Show Only Selected Pages in Designer Studio

In our current systems, we allowed Admins to create and manage designer rules depending upon the additional options and their attributes for every product.

These designer rules helped in hiding specific product pages from the designer studio and the upload design page. However, these pages were editable in the Designer studio, i.e. a customer was able to add a hidden product page.

To restrict this provision, we have provided a toggle button in Product Designer Rules. Using this you can restrict i.e. allow or disallow your customers from adding a product page on the Designer studio.


Designer Studio View –


Minor Enhancements

Sort Products, Product Category and Group on Front-Store

Customize the home page and menu (left bar and header) display of your website using a simple site setting.

Earlier sorting was available group-wise, category-wise and on products, now it’s open to use as per your desired sorting.

With the new development, you can reorder the display of Products (including Kits), Product Category and Product Category Group. This feature will allow you to manage the visibility and reorder the homepage, left bar and header components using the sort order provided.

Extension of ‘Textbox – With Multiplication’ Field Type

This feature is useful for the Admin when the price of one Additional Option depends on the selection (or choice) of another Additional Option.

For example, you might sell a T-shirt with two options, such as size and color. The size option might have three option values: small, medium, or large. The color option might have two option values: blue or green. You have six possible variants with these option values. For every color option, the prices may vary according to your pricing model.

  • To support such models we had this feature to multiply options attribute with a custom textbox (price with/without multiplication). However, this was limited to Radio Button and Dropdown input types.
  • Now, we have extended the feature and providing the Multiply with Custom Textbox feature for Checkbox input type too, where the customer input will be multiplied with the custom additional options and later a summation is performed to calculate the total price of a product.

Language Supportive Measurement Unit

An Admin may wish to use a different name for the different Size Units, depending upon their language and location.

With our new feature, Admin can pass custom names for the Size Units, the technical team will help you in setting customized unit names and they will be displayed in the Product Info and other pages wherever required.

Search Product Category and Product Group(Front Store)

A search box is one of the frequently used elements of any website. The search box provided by OnPrintShop used to deliver its response as a set of real-time results. But the searches were limited to Website Products.

Extending the feature we have added Product Category and Category Group in the search results. The system will now render a customer with category and category group results too.

Depending on the search results customers will be redirected to Product Category Landing Pages and Category Groups Landing Pages.

Alphabetical Sorting of Product Internal Name

The Product Sort determines the order in which products are displayed on various Admin pages.

Expanding the function we have now alphabetically arranged the Products based on their Internal Titles. This will help Admin find products more precisely and without any hassle. This will enable faster product searches in a better way.

Request Quote for Photobook & Canvas Product

Quote Module is one of the most popular modules of OnPrintShop, in the print industry, it is impossible to have fixed price and fixed products. This is because each Printing Job requires different skills, different timelines and materials depending on the customer’s requirement.

Thus, understanding the stature of the Quote Module, we have extended the Request Quote function for Photobook and Canvas Products.

Now the Existing Product Dropdown will list all the Photobook as well as Canvas Product, thus making it easy for the customers to place a quote.

Product Category Filter (Admin Panel)

At the Admin Panel now you will find Product Category dropdown made available at various pages. These dropdowns are created to initiate faster product category searches, thus improving the overall search results.

The Product Category Search dropdown or Category Search Box is available in the Add Product Page and Product List Page (Both Standard and Pre-defined) 


Visual Price-Calculator Enhancement

According to the requirements we implemented a new feature which will allow Admin to showcase their Additional Options in a block format, which were earlier available with scroll button.

Now with a Theme Setting you can apply the block format in the Additional Options (when Visual Price Calculator is enabled).


Go to – Admin >> Store Configuration >> Site Settings >> ‘Theme Setting’ Tab >> Price Calculation Visualization Effect


Custom CSS For Specific Product

Provision to set custom CSS which are specific to the products.