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Product Master Templates

Product Master Templates

At OnPrintShop, we provide pre-built 7000+ product templates which are called Product Master Templates.

The templates are designed by top-rated designers, who have followed the latest design trends. Your customers can check these templates in the ‘Browse Design’ option.

You (Admin) will not have any rights to delete the templates, all you can do is make them Inactive.


At a glance, you can see all the Product Master Templates with their basic details. The details include their name, the product they are associated with, the template category, and the design language.

You can toggle the status as Active or Inactive and also sort their order sequence in which they will be displayed on the product’s template page on your storefront.

You can search for specific product master templates using various filters provided at the top.


Action Menu

You can manage the Product Master Templates using various attributes of Action Menu. Using these options, you can easily edit template details, manage properties, or even create a new version if you want some minor changes in the design.


Edit Info – As these templates are pre-built templates, we allow only a minor modification of template details. This option only allows you to edit Template Name, change Template Category, and add Design Language.


Template Properties – You can assign template property to each template as per your printer specification and business requirements. Please refer to Create a Template Property Section Products Templates for more info.

Preview – A quick link to preview the Product Master Templates into the Designer Studio.

Create New Version – This option will help you create a copy of any Product Master Template. Later you can easily edit the design and Template information as per your needs and business requirements. The newly created template will be shown in the Product Templates section.