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FAQ:Printer Vendors

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Printer Vendors

Printer Vendors

1. What is a use of ‘’Printer’’ under Business Partners?

We have created Printer Module for

  • Passing the jobs to internal Print Machines,
  • Outsource to external Vendors.

If you have multiple machines & want to assign specific jobs to specific machine then you can use Printer Module.
You can also setup external Vendors so in case you want to outsource Job you can assign to Vendor.
Each Printer/Vendor will have separate admin access to download Job related information, which are assigned to them.

2. How to create/add printer to outsource my printing jobs?

You can Create / Add printer to outsource your printing jobs from the below mentioned path: Business Partners>>Printers>>Add
Add Printer.png
After creating the Printer Vendor, you have to give the URL, user ID and password to your printer.
Printer will be able to login as a Printer Admin and will have limited rights as a printer from where he will be able to view and download only jobs which are assigned to him.

3. What kind of jobs I can outsource to my printer vendor through the solution?

You can assign each item separately within order or assign whole order to your printer/vendor. The Job assignment can be manual as well as automatic according to your preference. However you will be able to assign full job processing to the printer you will not be able to assign partial job processing like only lamination or only coating to the printer.

4. How I will outsource my printing jobs to my printer vendor?

To outsource or send the jobs to your printer from solution, login in Admin Panel and from order section you can send the jobs to your printer vendor.
Orders>>List Orders>>List Order>>Action>>Assign job to printer>>”Select the printer”
Printer vendor.png
Select the printer vendor to whom you want to send this job for printing and click on Save.
Printer vendor 2.png

5. How many printer vendors I can create from my admin?

You can create unlimited printer vendors from your admin panel; however you will be able to send the particular job to only one printer vendor for printing.

6. How my printer vendor will know that he has been assigned a job/order to print?

When you assign the job to your printer vendor:

  • An automated e-mail will trigger on the registered e-mail ID of your printer vendor. This e-mail has to be enabled from the admin panel.
  • For more details on this refer to Content Management FAQ
  • In the admin panel of your printer vendor a job listing will be displayed.
7. My printer vendor will also have his own admin with restricted authorities?

Yes, your printer vendor will have his admin panel with limited access. He will be able to login in as Printer and will be able to download his jobs from there. He will also be able to download the reports from his admin panel.
Restricted authority.png

8. I do not want to show the customer details to my printer vendors, how to hide it?

You can hide/display the customer details in the job ticket such as name, shipping address etc. from admin panel.
Store Configuration>>Settings>>store configuration>>”Hide customer's detail for printer/vendor admin panel”>>Personal/Billing/Shipping(All)
This option will hide the personal/billing and shipping details of the customer from the job ticket.

9. How to manage the printer vendor price and customer prices?

If you are outsourcing some jobs to the printer vendor, you need to take your admin markup. In this case you can set the customer price and set your markup and pay rest to your printer vendor. First you need to enable the printer vendor price from the settings.
Store configuration>>Settings>>Store configuration>>Enable printer/vendor price? – Admin”>>Yes
After enabling this option, you will be able to set the printer vendor price in product Price tab, from here you can manage vendor price and your markup and the price displayed to the customer will be Vendor price + admin Markup.
Printer vendor price.png

10. Can I outsource only particular products for printing to my printer vendor?

Yes, you can set the specific products wise outsource jobs to your printer vendor.
For this you have to “Define how to assign orders to printer” as product wise from the store configuration.
Store configuration>>Settings>>Store configuration>>”Define how to assign orders to printer”>>Product wise

11. How I will pay to my printer for his work done?

The payment to your printer will have to be managed offline; however you can set the orders as paid/unpaid from the admin panel. The printer admin panel will also be notified once you make the changes in the Printer commission section.
Business Partners>>Printers>>Action>> Printer commission>>
Pay Printer.png

12. As an admin, how can I know how much commission I have to pay to the printer?

You can know how much commission you have paid to the printer from the reports, in the reports section you will have a report named “Printer/Vendor Commission” report where you can view the paid commission to your printer. Following is the path to the report:
Reports >> Partners >> Printer/Vendor Commission

13. Can my printer create reports for his jobs done?

Yes, your printer vendor will be able to create the report of orders/jobs done and also other details from his (Printer vendor) Admin Panel. He will be able to export those details in excel file also from the following path:
Printer Admin >> Reports >> Partners >> Printer/Vendor Commission
Printer create reports.png

14. Can I put off the Printer Module?

Yes, if you do not want to use the Printer Module then you can disable that from the admin panel.
Store configuration>>Settings>>Store configuration>>”Enable Printer module?”>> NO
Now the printer option will not be displayed in Business Partner Module.