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FAQ:Print Shop Branch Management

Print Shop Branch Management

1. What is Branch Management?

If you have different branches/locations in different area or cities then you can create such branches from the admin which can be centrally managed by the Super Admin. The branch/locations will be able to input all orders for walk-in customers & email/phone orders. They also get an access to orders placed via online storefront where end client has selected their Branch for Local Pickup. Super Admin can also be assigned orders to the specific branch which will be seen by Branch Admin. When you create a new branch, it will create a new user and password for Branch Admin. The admin can create the branch wise reporting also.
Business Partners>>Print Store Branch

2. How to Create the Branch?

To create the new branch:
Business Partners>>Print Store Branch>>Add
Below page will be displayed.
Admin Add Branch.png

3. How Many Branches I can create?

You can create as many numbers of branches as you would like and each branch will have separate branch admin login.

4. Can I assign any the printer vendor to the branch?

Yes, you can assign printer vendors to you branch also.
Business Partners>>Print Store Branch>>Action>>Edit>>”Select Printer”

Assign the printer.png

5. How to assign the orders to the particular branch?

There are 3 ways order can be assigned to particular branch:
1. Branch Orders – All orders placed by Branch Admin, by default gets assigned to them
2. Online Orders with Branch Local pickup
3. Super Admin Assigns an order to Branch – Many times customer placed an order & wants Printer to ship. Super Admin can assign the orders to specific Branch based on closest location to Customer address or depend on Print capabilities as certain products only printed by certain branch etc.

To assign the order to any branch, you have to go to order and from update order, you can assign the branch.
List orders>>Orders>>Action>>view/Update>>Select Branch

Assign order to branch.png Now this order will be assigned to the selected branch.

6. Will my branch manager be able to see the orders assigned by Head Office/Admin?

A user logging in as branch admin can view all orders assigned to their branch and also perform actions using Action menu as applicable. They shall as well see the orders their branch is serving as the order pick-up point for, and also be able to download necessary shipping label for all such orders.
Business Partners>>Print Store Branch>>Action>>Edit>>”Select Printer”

7. How can I get the reports for particular Branch?

From report section you can generate the report for different branches.
Reports>>Partners>>Branch Order Summary
You can select the appropriate branch from the drop down and click on SHOW.

Admin Branch Order summary.png