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Price Configuration

How to set Product Prices?

After you add product sizes, define a price for each of the Size variant. A list of all the Sizes will appear where you can add prices for individual sizes.

Learn about the various Pricing Methods.

Product Prices

Add Price

Add the price that you are charging for the product based on the different sizes uploaded.

  • User Type – The system gives Admin the flexibility to add different prices for each of its customer category. You can add different prices for a Default Store Customer (a regular customer), a store customer or a specific Store.
    The method of adding price for each customer is the same. Just fill in the correct information in the correct field.
  • Add Price
    • Quantity – Enter the quantity range for pricing.

      For pricing method, Fixed Quantity, and Price - there will be only one quantity field.

      For pricing method, Range-based with and without Multiplication - there will be two quantity fields, where you can specify the range.

      For pricing method, Size-based price – there will be a Size Range option i.e. Size From and Size To option.

    • Vendor Price – A vendor, in this case, is a printer. It is possible you will have a supplier of your printing products.
      This option helps in bifurcating the Vendor Price and avoids re-calculation after the order is placed.
    • Admin Mark-up - This is the ratio between the price of the product and its vendor price. If there is a Vendor completing your orders then as an Admin you can add your Mark up.
      This mark-up is added at the final price of the product.
    • Price – This is the Price of the product. The customer sees this price.
      If there is a Vendor then this is a sum of Vendor Price and Admin Mark-up percentage.
  • Note – If vendor price and final price are entered then mark-up will be calculated automatically and vice versa.
  • Add Bulk Price Instead of entering the price separately for each range. You can either add bulk price with range or create a range first and then add the price.
    This reduces the effort in entering each price separately for every quantity range.
    • Add New Bulk Price – Add prices with comma separated values for each quantity and price field.
    • ProductPriceUpdateBulkValue108.png

    • Generate Range – Instead of entering each quantity, you can easily create a range.
      Generate Quantity Range using Start, Interval and End fields. These ranges are filled in the text area so that you can easily enter a price for each range.
    • ProductPriceGenerateRange109.png