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Photoprint Product Configuration

Product Configuration

The photo print product is by default disabled. To enable the product please contact the technical team of OnPrintShop. This page explains the configuration of Photo Print product and its whereabouts.

Product Details

Go to, Admin >> Products >> Add Product

To add a Photo Print Product: choose the product type as ‘Photo Print’.

Photoprint Product Configuration1.png

Also, when the product type is Photo Print, the product pricing method changes to ‘Range based with multiplication’. And you don’t get to edit the Price defining method.

Product Description

Apart from the short and long description fields, Photo Print contains the Browse Design Description field. This description is made available on the Print Builder Screen (explained later in the integration process).

Photoprint Product Configuration2.png

Designer Options

This is where you can define the Photo Print product sizes that you want to offer to your customers. Depending upon your offerings enter size title (to be shown to the customer), images (if any), and bleed size.

Photoprint Product Configuration3.png

Additional Options

For Photoprint Product, you’ll need to add Options Group (in case you are looking to add additional options for the product).

The Additional Option Group should be named as photoprint and should be configured as Export Order Data Only and Option Style as Default.

Photoprint Product Configuration4.png

  • With the help of this Additional Option Group, the system will create a group of line items based on the unique combination of size and options. This will be helpful in the Order management of the Photoprint Product.
  • Also, we have added help related to the photoprint Additional Option Group, its usage, and configuration setting.
Note – Only the Additional Options related to the Photoprint Product shall be added on the photo print Additional Options Group, otherwise the system will malfunction.

While creating any additional option for the Photo Print product, select Option Group as photoprint.

Photoprint Product Configuration5.png

Example – We’ve created an additional option named Finishing.

Photoprint Product Configuration6.png

The Option Rules, Metatag Description, Product Gallery, and Settings of Photo Print product type remains the same as the Standard Product. For any assistance, you can anytime contact the Technical Team.