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Photoprint Order

Admin Panel – Order Section

The order screen has some modifications for the Photo Print product.

View Order

Go to, Admin >> List Orders >> Photoprint Product Order >> Action Menu >> View / Update Order >> Order Product Details

Here, the Order Product ID with the Additional Options with total quantity and price will be displayed.

For every Product Combination, there is a View Details button provided. This will show all the photoprint products present in the group along with their quantities.

Photoprint Order18.png

Note – There is no modify order button provided for photo print products.

Print-ready files

Every print group will have a separate print-ready file created.

Photoprint Order19.png

Note – A site setting has been provided to allow a maximum number of photos while adding the photo print product into the cart. The default value for this site variable is 40. Please contact the technical team for any changes in this setting.