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Photoprint Front Store

Front Store

Once the customer lands on the Photoprint Product, they’ll get to choose from the Actions Button – Custom design.

The Custom Design button will direct them to a new screen introduced called the Print Builder Screen. Simultaneously, the Image Gallery pop-up of the Designer Studio will open.

Using this your customer can add pictures they are looking to order for the Photo print product.

Photoprint Front Store17.png

Print Builder Screen

Photoprint Front Store16.png

  1. Upload or Remove All Photos – Quick action buttons given for hassle-free upload and delete.
  2. Summary – This includes a summary of all the photo print sizes, with their quantity, and price.
  3. Photoprint Front Store15.png

  4. Browse Design Description – A space where Admin can explain the product and how the system processes the customer’s product or include the activities customer can perform on their photos.

Image Elements

Every image uploaded by the customer has some elements associated. This will help the customer customize their image before they complete their order.

Photoprint Front Store14.png

  • Image Quality – This works similarly to the one in the Designer Studio.
  • Delete – A provision to only remove a single picture from the photo print product.
  • Edit – This will open a new pop-up where customers can perform edit functions on the image such as Straighten (up to 20-degree angle), adjust the picture, change orientation, rotate, apply a border, and flip the image.
  • Photoprint Front Store13.png

  • Additional Options – The additional options created will be listed here. Every photo print can have a different combination of Additional Options.
  • Hand Tool – To adjust the image on the print builder screen itself.
  • Apply to All – A quick action button to place a quick order rather than customizing every photo.
    • All – If this is selected then the particular product’s details like – Size, Quantity, additional options, etc. will be applied to all the other photos in the print builder. By default, this option will be selected.
    • Same Size - If this is selected then the particular product’s details like – Size, Quantity, additional options, etc. will be applied to all the photos of the same size in the print builder.
  • Upload new size – This will add the same photo in a new size.

If minimum quantity is defined for the respective product, then the system will check this for each image.

Photoprint Front Store12.png

Continue Checkout is provided with an I Agree to checkbox (will display based on a site variable as per the current system) and with the click of this button, the system will add imported images into cart based on print group as a line item.

Photoprint Front Store11.png

Cart Page

  • All the photo print products will be shown under the View Products.
  • The cart shows a summary of all the products with the Additional Options and Size combination asset on the Print Builder Screen.
  • Photoprint Front Store10.png

  • Clicking on the View Products will open a pop-up. The pop-up consists of several tabs. These tabs are created with the combination of Additional Options (defined under photoprint options group) and quantity.
  • Note – Every picture/image is considered as 1 print entity. Every group will now be considered as a separate line item in the print order.

    Photoprint Front Store9.png

  • Every tab displays the number of photo print(s), along with its size, print quantity, and additional options.

Order Details Page

The order details page will display each line item (i.e. the group created at the cart page) together. Customers can check the product design by clicking on the thumbnail. Previous and next buttons are provided if there are more than one photo prints in the line item.

Photoprint Front Store8.png

  • View Details – With a click of this button user will be able to view quantity and Additional Options detail for each photo print(s).
  • Photoprint Front Store7.png

  • The system will not allow to Edit Order Product for Approval Pending orders. Only a Delete button will be available to delete the product from the order.
  • In the case of re-order, the system will not allow editing order products. Customers can only delete the item from the cart.

Price Calculation

  • The system will calculate the price by doing a sum of each photo print quantity inside the same print group then perform a lookup to find the price. Afterward, the amount will be multiplied with the quantity.
  • If Combine Quantity Lookup for Price in Cart setting is enabled for the photo print products and there are multiple prints in one group, then first the system will sum up the quantities of each print and then perform a lookup. The price found will be multiplied with the quantities separately.
  • The system will calculate the minimum & discount individually for each print in the print group.
  • On the Print Builder Screen system will calculate the price for quantities entered of each photo print image.