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Photobook Print Preview

Photobook print preview

  • When a customer lands on your website and browses through the Photobook product. They’ll generally get two options first either to customize the created templates (if any), and second is to create a design from scratch.
  • On the designer studio, customers can add images, text fields, backgrounds, and other elements to complete their design. A few important elements are explained below –

Manage Albums

  • One can import images from ‘My computer’. Enter an album name and add multiple photos at once into the album.

    Photobook Print Preview21.png

  • This album can also be viewed in the My Account section, under My Images. A customer can choose to manage an album i.e. add an album or delete any (if required).

    Photobook Print Preview22.png

  • In the studio customers also get the option to autofill the pictures. With the Autofill feature, the system will automatically place your photos in your Photobook pages in the chosen order.

Autofill Images

  • Choose the order of photos to be entered into the Photobook using the dropdown provided. Then simply select the select "Autofill" to let the designer studio place your selected photos in a matter of seconds.
  • The Autofill pop-up will confirm customers about the placement of their photos i.e. they can add the new (newly added photos) photos to the existing project or restart the project from scratch. One can anytime choose to fill the photos manually.

    Photobook Print Preview23.png

Note: The Autofill function will only work when any layout is applied on the cover and inner pages.


  • Customers can also choose from the layouts created at the Admin Panel. The layouts created for cover images will be only displayed when a cover page is active (selected) and the same goes for inner pages.

    Photobook Print Preview24.png