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Photobook Category


Read along to understand the importance of Photobook product, Photobook product integration from the Admin Panel and other important elements associated with the product.

At OnPrintShop we provide easy integration of the Photobook product, this enables your customers to personalize and print a Photobook anytime and from anywhere.

Advantages of integrating Photobook solution at OnPrintShop – 

  • Offer your customers personalized photobook themes
  • Autofill photos from various social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Photos, My Computer, etc.
  • Provide customers various image filters and image quality checks.
  • Offer a range of background images and background patters.
  • Allow them to design from a range of pre-created layouts for the cover page and inner pages respectively.
  • Also, allow a Photobook flip preview and give a clear look and feel of the final product.

Photobook Category25.png