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Personalize Store pages

Personalize Store Store

Admin >> Store Management >> 'Action' Dropdown >> 'Personalize' Option

We have kept an open room for the Store Admin as well as the Site Admin to personalize the Store Web pages based on their actions, indent, and other parameters. Thus, providing them with tailored user experience.

For Store Personalization we have given three different option to modify the content of store store namely – Personalization Pages, Theme Configuration and Custom CSS. 

StorePersonalize 50.png

Personalize Store

Once you Add Store, the system will automatically take the same logo for the login page. For further personalization of the Login Page, Registration Page and Reset Password Page, Admin can Add custom text, Change the background color, Add an image or a Flash video in the background, and more.


Store Admin can also personalize the Login Page, Registration Page and Reset Password Page from their Store Admin Panel

Theme Configuration

By default, your store customer gets the same theme for their private store as your default store storefront (which is the Standard option).

However, by choosing the Custom option, Admin can customize their store’s storefront theme to match their Store’s branding. In the same way, your store customer can also make changes from their store admin panel.


Store Theme Configuration: On choosing the Custom Option, you’ll see new options for theme colors and background customization. Click on the help icon next to each brand color field to see where your chosen color will show on the storefront – header menu link, side menu box border, redirection button, etc.

Page Body Background: Admin can set the page background for the Store’s store. Choose from any of the below options.

  • Default Background: This option will set the store’s private storefront background same as the default store storefront’s page background.
  • Choose Color: To match the branding of a store customer, Admin can enter the hex color code of their brand color which will be set for their page background.
  • Upload File: Admin can add a background image for the Store’s storefront as a part of their branding, and create a personalized experience for the store. Upload the image and select the way to display the background image - just once (No Repeat), repeat the image across the page (Repeat Both), repeat the image in one row only (Image Repeat-Horizontal) or repeat image in one column only (Image Repeat-Vertical).

Custom CSS

Admin can Over-Write Default Theme CSS for particular store.

We suggest that you follow the help section provided in the Admin Panel to understand better the custom CSS changes, where the CSS changes will be applied and how to use images in CSS.