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Partnership Management Features91

Partnership Management Features

Franchisee-wise Workflow Management New

In this release, we have introduced Franchise-wise workflow management to allow multi-location franchisees to create their own workflow admins as per the printing process they follow.

  • In this, we have added the Workflow Admin menu to the Admin menu:

Franchisee WFadmin.png

  • The franchisees can view the workflow roles that are created by the Super Admin (They will not have the facility to add any workflow role):

WorkflowRoles Franchise.png

  • During the workflow assignment, the system will find franchisee-specific workflow admins and if found, then jobs will be assigned to them. Here, the system will first find the workflow admins in the child franchisee store, if not found then will find the workflow in the parent franchisee store and when not found then move to workflow admins from the Default Store.
  • We have provided the Store filter on the Workflow Admin page to view the franchisee-wise data.
  • The super-admin/sub-admin will also have the facility to view the workflow admins added for different stores:

WFadmin Storenamewise.png

New Minor Features & Enhancements

Franchisees can create Coupons

In the v9.1 release, we have offered the Coupons/Discounts feature to the franchisees so that they can create their own coupons for their customers and manage them.

The feature includes:

  • The child franchisees can create and view their respective coupons/discounts.
  • The Customer Specific Discounts field options have been updated as shown below:

Coupons Franchisee CustSp.png

  • In the Customer Specific Discount field, the Franchisee store name will be displayed by default. The admin can offer the discounts to the customers using these 5 options – Franchisee store name, User-Specific, Specific Store, All User Except User Group and Based on User Group.
  • The Franchisees will not have the Import Coupon facility.
  • The Franchisees can only view the Coupons/Discounts on the listing page which are created by them.
  • The Super Admin will not have the right to edit the coupons or change the status. They can only duplicate the coupons/discounts or delete them.

SEO Import facility to Franchisee and Reseller

In this release, we have provided the Import facility in the Page title, Keyword Settings page for the Franchise and Reseller Store admin account:


Using this functionality, the Franchisee or Reseller store admins can now import the Metatags for all products, Product Categories or Product Groups.

Show immediate parent store in order listing & order detail

Now, the admin will have the facility to view the immediate parent store name against the Orders on the Order Listing page and Update Order page.

Order Listing Page:

The Parent store name will be displayed in brackets on the Order Listing Page as displayed below:

ParentStoreName Orderlisting.png

Update Order Page:

The Parent Store Name will be displayed on the Order Details page as displayed below:

ParentStoreName OrderDetailsPage.png