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Orders Section Features91

Order Section Enhancements

Product-specific Sales Agent Commission

For the businesses running on a commission-based revenue model, we bring the facility to give product-specific commissions to your sales agents.

For this, we have modified the Commission type field with new selections; Order wise and Order Product-wise, in the Admin Panel >> Business Partners >> Sales Agent >> Add:

SalesAgentCommission Type.png

  • Commission Type: The admin can select if they want to give the commission based on order-wise or order products-wise.
  • Commission:The admin can either select the Master Commissions from the drop-down or define a custom commission.
  • Flat Commission: When the admin will select the Custom option in the above field, then the admin can define the flat custom commission.

As mentioned above, the admin has to select master commissions in the Commission field, to create the master commissions, we have provided the facility of “Commission Master” on the Sales Agent listing page:

SalesAgentCommission MasterComm.png

On the Commission Master page, the admin can configure two types of master commissions: Fixed or Dynamic.

Once the commissions are configured, as mentioned above, the admin can map them with Order-wise or Order Product-wise commission types.

For the Order Product-wise commissions, the admin will have the “Product Commissions” option in the Action menu drop-down:

SalesAgentCommission PdtComm.png

On the Products Commission page, you can see the list of products assigned to that sales agent along with the option to choose the commission for each of the products:

SalesAgentCommission PdtCommPage.png

The admin can select any master commission or configure a custom one by specifying a fixed percentage. For the master commissions, there will be a preview icon clicking on which the admin can view the commissions’ detail:

SalesAgentCommission PdtCommPage Preview.png

We have also provided the facility to view the commissions on the Modify Order page of the Order section. On the Modify Order screen, the admin can check the commissions given to the agent for the individual products or the entire order.

Order Product Wise Commission

SalesAgentCommission ProductWise.png

Order Wise Commission

SalesAgentCommission OrderWise.png

Due-Date Re-calculate based on the payment request

Now, while raising a payment request, the admin will have an option “Recalculate Order Due Date” on the Payment Request Page to choose if they want to re-calculate the due date once the customer has made the payment request raised:

DueDate Recalculate.png

Order Detail page enhancements

We have enhanced the order details page as described below:

Display Traits on the Order Details page

On the Order Details page, we will now display the traits for Offline Orders and Total Product Count:


Update Order Payment Status

Now, the payment date will be updated once the payment status is changed to “Paid” after the customer has made the payment through the payment request.

New Minor Features and Enhancements

Job ticket file name based on the site variable 

Now, we support the facility of personalizing the job ticket file name. The admin can create a job ticket file name using the single/combination of the below-listed variables:

  • {order_id_type} – Order ID type
  • {orders_id} – Order ID
  • {customers_name} – Customer’s Name
  • {rand_number} – Any random 6 digit number

E.g. Single Variable:Jobticket{order_id_type}


More color options in Order Status labels

Now, the admin can use 4 more color class options for creating Order Status or Order Product Status:


Added ‘Product Information’ variable in Job Ticket & export/API orders

To configure and display the ‘Product Information’ field details in Job Ticket and the export/API orders, we have added a variable for the same.

Added Order & Order-product-level production due date variables in export/API order

We have added a “Production Due Date” variable in Orders >> Export/API Orders >> Export/API Settings >> Export/API Settings tab >> Customer Details section to capture order & order-product-level production due dates which can be used to precisely calculate the shipment delivery date.

Related Status Change Activity

Now, we have synced the Order Status change activity whether the status of the Order is changed manually or it gets changed as per Related Order Status configuration.

Order filters by multiple payment methods

On the Order Listing Page, we have enhanced the Payment Method selection filter. Now, the admin can select multiple payment methods to filter the order listings.

OrderListing PaymentMethod Filterupdate.png

Store Filter on Coupon Listing page

Now, we have added the store filter on the Coupon Listing page where the admin can filter the coupons store-wise.