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Order Status

Order Status

After the time you receive an order and till the time it gets processed and is delivered to the customer, the order undergoes several status changes.

These statuses keep the customer informed about their order and also helps you in tracking the orders through various stages.

There comes a time when you have to update the status manually both for your references and customer's preference. For such a situation, we have an Order Status page wherein you can edit the pre-defined order statuses or create a new one.

Read along to understand various actions you can perform on any order status and how you can create your own personalized status for the system as well as for customers.

Types of Order Status in OnPrintShop system

  • Order Status - any of these statuses apply to the whole order.
  • Order Product Status - any of these statuses are product specific. For example, 3 products in any order can have different statuses at different order stages.

Order Status Dashboard

The dashboard enlists all the pre-created statuses.

You get the option to switch between the Order Status and Order Product Status tabs. Click on the +Add button to quickly add a new order status or order product status.

Various attributes of any order status are -

  • Customer Status - We have an option wherein you can statuses for your own references. For such status, you can assign a status that will be visible to your customers.
  • Notify Customer - For every status created you can decide whether or not to inform the customer. There are few statuses such as Order Cutting, Order Printing, Order touch-up for which there comes no need to inform the customer.
  • Use On Job Board - You can use the status created on the Job board to keep track of the orders via the board. Tick the option if you want the job board to display orders with that particular status.
  • Allow Cancellation - There are certain stages where order cancellation can give you huge profit losses. To overcome this issue, we have given the option for you to decide when to customers to cancel the order. This can save you from taking up huge losses.
  • Allow Invoice Download - Understanding the business requirements we have given an option wherein you can decide upon when to allow/disallow customers from downloading the order invoice.
  • Action Menu - Click on the Edit option falling under the Action Menu to quickly edit any order status or order product status. You can edit the Status title, Email Subject, Email message, color options, and other settings.

The system will generate invoice numbers based on Order Status irrespective of the Payment Status. E.g. – set the invoice number generation based on ready to pick up or any other shipping statuses. Now, you have the control to decide at what stage of your order cycle, you want the Auto-Invoice ID to be generated. When the site setting is enabled and the system finds order in that status it provides an Invoice Number generation button.

Note – This function of Auto-invoice ID generation can be implemented via a site variable setting. Connect with the Technical Team for the same.


Add Order Status

Click on the +Add button to add a new order status.

  • Order Status Type - As discussed earlier you will get two options namely - Order Status (applied to whole order) and Order Product Status (applied to particular product(s))
  • OrderStatus21.png

  • Set status category - You can choose the order stage when this category will be used. Some of the categories are-
    • Normal - a normal category created. This can be used after an order is placed.
    • Completed - these statuses will be helpful after an order gets completed.
    • Canceled - these statuses will come in action after an order gets canceled either from the customer's side or Admin's side.
    • Shipped - these statuses are related to shipping. For example - Order Ready for Pickup, Order Picked, Order Shipped, Out for delivery, etc.
  • Status Title - This will help you and customers in identifying the order. Thus, try to keep the order title precise and up to the point such that the customer is able to understand the meaning of the status.
  • Email subject and Message - In case you wish to send an email to the customer on the order status update you can create an email body using the 'Email Message Help Variable. These variables are available on the right side of the screen.
  • OrderStatusUpdate16.png

  • Color Class - To make the look and feel interactive we have given an option wherein you can associate a color with every order status. For example, order status which requires special attention can be given Label-warning class.
  • OrderStatusUpdate17.png

  • Notify Customer - At any stage, if you wish to notify the customers then keep the toggle on. Keeping this option active will send an email to the customer.
  • Use on Job board - You can use this status on the Job Board.
  • Internal Status - Select this option if you are creating an internal status. This will not be disclosed to your customer. You can set the related existing order status which you want to show to your customer instead of the selected internal order status.
  • Allow Cancellation - This option will allow the customer to place an order or order product cancellation request while the order or order product in the respective status
  • Allow Invoice Download - Enable this flag if you want the end customer to be able to download an invoice for the order if in this status. Also, the system will trigger an invoice attachment mail to the customer if the order is updated to this status and if the mails are not already sent with some other status.