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Order Section Enhancements90

Order Section Features

New Minor Features and Enhancements

Modify User Design Directly From the “Modify Design” Screen Pop-Up

For any order, you can modify the user design template and send it to your customers directly from the ‘Modify Design’ pop-up. Click on the Edit Design button:


When clicking on the Edit Design button, you will be redirected to the Designer Studio where you can make changes in the design. As soon as you click on the Continue button in the Designer Studio, you will be back on the Modify Design screen.


Finally, click on the Save button to apply the modifications.

Coupon Import – Bulk Update or Delete

Earlier, through coupon import you could only create bulk coupons. Now, you will have the extended facility to even update & delete coupons in bulk.

Now, on the Import Coupon page, we are giving two radio buttons; Sample File and Existing Coupons, for downloading the template file. When you will select Sample File, it will work as configured previously and when you will select Existing Coupons, it will ask you to select one of the existing coupons from the drop-down to modify and import the same in the panel.


In the downloaded template, once you have modified the existing coupons detail (added, deleted and modified any existing coupon) and uploaded the file, you will get a summary as shown below:


The detail will be displayed below these labels.

Summary Label Description
New When you have added any coupon with a new coupon code
Updated When you have modified/not modified any field for the existing coupon
Repeated When you have coupons with the same coupon code
Deleted When you enter 1 in the “mark_as_delete” variable column to delete the coupon code from the store.
Skipped When there is any error in the coupon.

Order Due Date Based On The Proof Approval

For accurate Estimated Delivery Date of the online orders, the order due date will be re-calculated once the artwork/proof is approved by the customer.

Allow Your Customers To Track Their Orders

You can now allow your users (including Guest Users) to track their orders from the front store via a link. This can be done from the Admin > Store Personalization > Link Header/Footer section. We have added the “Track Order” page for the admin to create the link.

Here is how you can allow your customers to track orders:

  • From the Admin >> Store Personalization >> Link Header/Footer screen, click on the Add button from the top right corner:
  • TrackOrderLInkHeaderFooter.png

  • Select the position of the Tracking link.
  • Enter the name of the Link which will appear on the storefront.
  • Select the icon for the Link or upload your icon using the Upload file button.
  • Select the Static Page and Track Order option in the “All Links” field.
  • Select the window option, sorting and status for the link.
  • Save the settings.

The Link will appear in the list as below:


The tracking link will appear on the selected page as shown below:


When the customer will click on the link, the following page will open up:


The customer will be asked to enter their email ID associated with the account and the Order ID which they want to track. Once the details are filled up and the Search button is clicked, it will open a popup displaying the tracking details:


Modify Order’s Size and Job ID

Along with modifying the orders, you can now modify the order size and Job ID of the placed order:


Once you click on the Pen icon against the order, you will get the option to modify the size and Job Name of the order placed:


The modification of product size options will vary as per the product selected:

Product Type Size Modify Option Images
Standard Drop-down with configured sizes


Custom Text box to enter the custom size


Packages Text box to enter the custom size


Enhancement on Order Module

On the Order Listing page, we have added a new filter icon for “Watch List” products. When you click on that icon and search, the Orders which you have added to your watch list will appear:


Along with the Watch List filter, we have enhanced the display and search for PO numbers. If you entered the PO number in your orders, it will appear in the orders and with the improved search, you can search the order by typing the PO number in the Search box:


Bulk Update – Order and Order Product

Now, you can bulk update the ‘Tracking Number’ in ‘Order Product Wise’ and ‘PO number’ in ‘Order Wise’ respectively. We have added the respective fields in the respective export file.

Update “Order Processing Fees”

While modifying an order, you will now have the facility to update the ‘Processing Fees’ for that order.


Order Cancellation Pop-up UI Enhancement

The Order Cancellation Pop-up screen which appears when a customer tries to cancel any order/order product has been enhanced for visibility ease.

Visibility of Specific Order Comments to Workflow Admin:

The workflow admin will now only see the generic comments and the comments for the assigned products.

Local Pick-up Address Selection in Order Update

In v9.0, when Admin tries to change the shipping method for any order to ‘Local pickup’, they will have the option to select local-pickup addresses from the Shipping Type drop-down (if you have configured multiple local pickup addresses):


Once you have changed the shipping address and added your comment, the shipping address will change accordingly and its order history will also be maintained:


On the front-end, when the customer will log in and check their orders, they will be able to see the shipping address updated from the previous one to the local pickup store address. Also, the Shipping Company and Shipping Type will change.


The customers can also see this change in the Order history:


Payment Log in Order

On the Order Details page (Admin > Orders > List Orders > View/Update Order) under the Payment and Shipping section, we have added an information icon against the Transaction ID which will display the technical log details received from the Third-Party payment gateway for the selected order:


This detail is especially for the technical team to check if any issue arises in the payment transaction.