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Order Section80

Order Module Enhancements

Modify Order at Admin Side

Earlier, at the Order Modify page, Admin was just given a textbox to modify the Additional Options. They had to manually type the additional option modification for orders.

Now, on the Order Modify page, the Additional Option Name will be displayed in the textbox and the attributes will be displayed in the dropdown for the option type – Radio, Checkbox (a multi-select dropdown will be displayed), and Dropdown.

This will make it easy for the Admin to modify the order and apply the correct Additional Option attribute. Also, we have added a static option ‘Custom Option’, this will show a textbox where Admin can enter the custom option. The disabled attributes will be displayed with a cross (x) sign.

Product Section7423.png

If Admin’s language is different from that of the customer’s language, then we’ve provided a help icon consisting of the product title, attribute title, and attribute name.

We will also convert and show the value of the additional option in the configured default language. Also, show them in Order, Job Ticket, and Invoice based on a site variable.

With this feature, Admin won’t have to worry and remember all the additional options of the product, rather simply select the option from the dropdown.

Re-order at Admin Side

Till now, Admin had no facility to reorder any order from the Admin Panel. To do this Admin was forced to start by choosing the customer, adding a product, check the product's additional option and size and then later define the payment and shipping details or they had to log in to the customer's account then re-order any previous order.

Now, we have given a provision to Reorder the existing orders through the Admin Panel. This reorder option is given at the following instances –

  • Action Menu of order
  • View/Update order section

Product Section7424.png

When Admin clicks on any of the Reorder buttons, a pop-up will be displayed. It will include all the products on the order with a checkbox. Here, the Admin can choose the product(s) to reorder.

Product Section7425.png

After selecting the products, Admin will be redirected to the Create Offline Order Payment/Shipping Page i.e. third step of placing the offline order. Here, Admin can set the payment method and shipping details. Then, finally, Admin can confirm the order.

Product Section7426.png

Admin can anytime jump to Step – 2 of placing an Offline Order and add/remove order products.

Minor Enhancements

Mass delete unpaid orders

  • Earlier, Admin had to delete the unpaid orders individually, now we have enhanced the feature and will allow Admin to delete unpaid orders in bulk.
  • Admin can select multiple orders and then under Action Menu click on Delete.


Payment Request enhancement

  • In our current system when Admin marks a payment request as paid, then the request gets directly completed, and Admin was not able to enter any transaction details. Now, we have enhanced this process and added a pop-up.
  • Here, Admin can define the Payment Method, Transaction ID, and add Comments. Earlier Admin got no chance to enter/store these details.
  • Product Section7427.png

Mass download job ticket

  • Admin can now download multiple job tickets at once. To download multiple job tickets, select the orders. In the bulk action dropdown click on ‘Download Job Ticket’. Based on the selected orders a PDF will be generated which will contain all the job tickets.
  • Product Section7428.png

‘Update Order’ pop-up UI enhancement

  • While updating an order from Admin Panel, Admin will also get a chance to update the order payment details such as payment status, payment date, payment method, and transaction ID.
  • Also, we have improved the user interface of the Update Order pop-up. Now, Admin will get a clear and concise view of a different set of fields. We have grouped shipping and payment fields and aligned other fields accordingly.
  • Product Section7429.png

Coupon/Discount Enhancement

  • In Admin >> Orders >> Coupons/Discount, we have added a few parameters for Discount and Combo Discount.
  • In Coupon / Discount Type ‘Discount’ Admin will now get the option to add order count condition. The discount will be applied only if the order count condition gets fulfilled.
  • In Coupon / Discount Type ‘Combo Discount’ Admin will now get to add Customer Specific Discount, Conditional Discount, and Order Count. This will help Admin to create a combo discount with more fulfilling conditions. Also, the combo discounts can now be created User Group wise.

Item wise order due date & Production due date

  • After this release, we will store item-wise order due date and production due date in the database. This storage is just for internal purposes as of now.

Feedback and review enhancement

  • Till now there was no provision for the Admin to view the order feedbacks on a single page. The feedbacks were available under every order. Thus, Admin was bound to look into each order detail and check the feedback.
  • In this release, we have added an Order Feedback page. Go to, Admin >> Content Management >> Testimonials >> Order feedback button (top-right corner)
  • Product Section7430.png

  • On this page, all the reviews will be listed. Admin can anytime enable/disable the review status for displaying them at the front end.
  • Also, we have added a new email template to take order feedback that will remind customers to provide feedback for the completed orders. Once the customer gives feedback for the order a thank you email will be sent to them as an acknowledgment.

PO number in Offline Orders

  • In our system, there is no provision to enter the PO Number while adding an Offline Order. Now, as per requirements, the system will give provision to the Admin to enter the PO Number for the offline orders.
  • To give provision of adding PO Number into the Offline Orders, a textbox is provided under the Shipping & Payment block (Step – 3 of adding Offline Orders). However, the field is kept optional.
  • Product Section7431.png