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Order Module72

Order Section Enhancements 

Provision to Add Negative Discount

There are times when Admin wants to add a mark up price and it would be wonderfully simple if we could just put a negative number in the discount field.

  • Following the requirements of Mark-up Price, we have allowed a Negative Discount input into the Coupon/Discount section. 
  • Thus, Admin will get the flexibility to use the Discount Module as the Product Markup Module, and create the markup for a product with a few specifications.
  • The negative value in the discount text box can be used as the product/shipping markup. The system will automatically add the negative amount instead of subtracting from the product subtotal.
  • There will be no strikethrough text or signature, thus keeping customer blind of the negative discount.
  • The various sections that will be affected by the negative discount are – Price Calculator, Additional Option Page, Shopping Cart, Order Modification page, and Offline order page. 
Note - For coupons and combo discounts this feature is not available. Only the discount value can be a negative number.


Offline Order Enhancements

Our current system had a different storage structure for Order Product Options of Offline and Online Orders. This leads to a lot of confusion at the backend, thus to maintain the consistency, we have now kept the storage structure the same for the Offline Orders as the Online Orders.

These storage enhancements led to various GUI changes in the Choose Product Screen such as –

  • On selection of a Custom Product from the dropdown, the Price calculator block will automatically pop-up (earlier Admin was forced to click the Price calculator). It will contain all the additional options with input type – dropdown, checkbox, radio button, a textbox with/without multiplication added for the product.
  • On the selection of Additional Options, the system will lock elements such as Title Size, Quantity and Options i.e. not allow to change them manually. Admin will again have to open the price calculator to make the changes.
  • Other elements such as – Additional Information, price, weight, days, upload artwork, and SKU will be kept open.


  • We have now enabled the stock calculation for Offline Orders, the same as online ones.
  • Earlier, whenever the customer added an offline order from the Admin Panel then the default ‘Order Product Status’ was set to – Awaiting Proof.
  • Now we have made this flexible by adding a dropdown of Order Product Status, thus allowing admin to choose the status as per their requirements or prior discussions rather than settling with the default status.
  • The Customer will now be able to Reorder Offline Orders even after the expiration of reordering offline order days for existing order products.
  • Version7264.png

Order Transfer over Google Drive, S3 Server and Dropbox

Now, you have the provision to transfer our orders over Google drive, S3 server and Dropbox via Hot folder.

Admin >> Orders >> Export/API Orders >> Hot Folder Setting tab >> 'Folder Location' dropdown

This dropdown will list the cloud storage integrated into your system ('Dropbox' option is listed in the below example). Selecting the option will enable you to transfer the order details to cloud storage.


Minor Enhancements

Set Amount Limit for Payment Method

Payment Method restriction is a tool uses to assign conditions to a payment method. Now Admin can restrict payment choices of customers by Cart Subtotal (Excluding discount, shipping price, and taxes)

Understandably, Admins take special consideration for the high-value orders so they need the orders guaranteed by safe payment methods. Admins can easily select condition as Disable Payment Method, then apply the rule with specific suitable payment methods.

  • For every payment method we have given this setting – ‘Payment Method Disable Rule’, which contains three options namely None, Greater or Equal To and less or Equal To. 
  • Admin can set different amounts in different payment methods as per their business model. The disables Payment Methods will be displayed at the ‘Express Checkout Payment Page’ and ‘Direct Payment Page’.

Note – Admin will not be affected by the Payment Method Disable Rule.


Set Payment Due Dates For Each Default Store and Store Customer

Payment due days or date is the date when the payment should be received by the company against the invoice generated.

  • Following the development, we have added a new textbox Payment Due Day(s) in all Payment Method Configuration Page and Customer Add/Edit Page.

    Go to, Admin >> Store Configuration >> Payment Method >> ‘Action Menu’ of Payment Method >> ‘Edit’ Option


    Go to, Admin >> Customers >> Website Customers >> ‘Action Menu’ of customer >> ‘Edit’ Option


  • This payment due date calculated will be added to the invoice.
  • If Admin has configured both the days' fields then the system gives first priority to Customer Specific Days but if Customer Specific Days are not added then the Payment Method specific due days are taken into consideration.
  • Following the payment due days, an Overdue Option is added in the Order Listing Filter. The filter works on the basis of Payment Status and Payment Due Date.


  • Payment Due Date is displayed in the Payment & Shipping section on the Order Update Page.
Note - The Payment Due Date and Days will not be displayed on the front side. This date is only for the Admin.

Show Details In Imposition Schema

We are now using various variables to display dynamic information on the Imposition Schema. Earlier, the Admin remained blind as there was no identification provided on the imposition schema, which leads to a lot of confusion.

Using the help provided in the ‘Edit Imposition Schema’, you can set the information to be displayed in the imposition sheet.