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Order Module71

Order Module Enhancements

Easily Import New Order with/without Template Personalization (Add on)

Now Admin will not have to go through the pain of entering new orders one by one. Bulk import of new order feature is added in our solution. Orders with/without template personalization can be imported. This feature will be an add-on plugin.

  • Without template personalization: If this option is selected for order import than sample file will have only order fields. With the successful import of these orders, each order will be created in the system without any kind of template attached to it.
  • With template personalization:If this option is selected for order import then the sample file will have order fields along with template fields. With the successful import of these orders, each order will have a personalized template based on input feed. Template personalization will be available only for the PDF block template.

Quick import your offline order from the ‘Import Order’ button provided in the Add New Order section.

  • Using a 6-step procedure easily import order.
  • To get started, download the Sample File and fill up the data using the help section provided in Step 2.
  • And, then upload the file after mapping all the fields. You can upload excel with Template reference or just a custom order.
  • This will reduce down your hassle that was required in adding one order at a time.


Unique Identification of Invoice

It is very much important for businesses to provide their customers an invoice number for products or services rendered. We have created an automatic invoice number generation system that works to create a unique invoice number for each Paid Order, or for an order whose payment mode is Cheque.

  • Separate identification to Invoice transaction is being facilitated in our solution, thus maintaining consecutive invoice sequence for easy account records keeping.
  • This Invoice ID will be auto-generated dynamically by the system.
  • Earlier Order ID itself was used as Invoice Transaction ID which leads to breakage of Invoice sequence in cases when the order remains unpaid or gets canceled due to some reason.
  • This invoice number is made available in the Order Details at the front end.


Also, at the Admin side the invoice number is available in the View/Update Order section.


Following this feature, we have also added a variable “{invoice_number_auto}” in the ‘Invoice Template’ email content. Admin can use the variable and place it in the email content as desired.

Reorder Offline & Quote Order(s)

We understand the value of returning customers, and following this, we have enhanced our Reorder module. Admin can now facilitate its customer to reorder their offline order and also their quote order.

  • On the Quote Products order we have introduced a Reorder Button, the page contains all the information of the previous order.
  • Also, on the Offline Order placed by Admin from the admin panel, customers will get a Reorder Button. Customers can easily traverse through their previous offline orders and accomplish the task of reorder.

Custom Page name for Additional Print File(s)

Till now for any additional updated files in order modify design section, its file name was system generated and static.

  • Moving forward admin will have provision to give a custom name to its page. We have given the file name as F1, F2, F3 .... and made it dynamic such that Admin can also change it instead of a static F character.


Enhancement in ‘Bulk Order Update’ Process

Bulk order update help you update the status of multiple order with a single shot! It saves your valuable time that is requires to change status and add comments to every single order at a time. We have done some major enhancement in the Bulk Order Update Screen.

  • Now you can select the Order Update file type that you want i.e. either Order Wise or Order Product Type.


  • According to the file downloaded, we have enhanced our help section in the Step 2 of Bulk Order Update. Thus, making your task easier to handle.

Customer Notification Control

Admin will now be able to control Order Status Notification sent to customers and save them from flooding inbox.

  • We have given Admin the facility to decide the stage at which end customer must be notified with quick settings as per the business model.
  • Earlier end customer was notified at every status update though a checkbox, but now we have binded each order status with this feature. Thus, giving Admin the flexibility to select.
  • We have provided a ‘Notify Customer’ toggle with each order status


  • Admin will also get this option while adding a new status.

Order’s downloaded zip File Name Enhanced

Now, when Admin downloads a single Order File than name of the Zip file will now include the Order ID. If multiple orders are downloaded into single file than, the file is named as ‘MyOrders’.

Minor Enhancements

Refund Enhancement

In refund we have introduced new field – ‘Refund Type’ to track the Partial and Full Refund. Earlier there was no function to track the refund type was not tracked and status was a mandatory field.

  • Now, Admin will also be able to give partial refund without status update.


Database and Query optimization

We understand how a print eCommerce system can have bulk data to process at once. Following this, we have optimized the Orders, Stores, Customers, and Template section for enhanced system performance.

Date and Time included in Order Notes

Now, we have given Admin, the ability to track order notes more preciously. With introduction of date and time, every Order Note is assigned with a Date and Time when added along the name of individual (e.g. Admin).


CMS pages Preview link open in New Window

We opened content pages’ preview link in new window instead of popup.

User Type Identification in Order Export File

Now in Order export through Export/hot folder and Export API a column ‘Place_by’ is added for Admin to identify the placer of order.

  • Admin can check this column from Export/API Order> Export/API Settings >> Capture Order Information >> Order Details section.

Pagination in Job Ticket

Now onwards for Multi-Page Job Ticket PDF there will be pagination so that none of the pages get missed.

  • Earlier, there was no such paging provided for the PDF, but now we have added consecutive numbers to identify the sequential order of pages.
  • This pagination will be helpful to the Admin while printing the Job Ticket. (Example of Pagination Page 1 / 3)

Sorting in Workflow Order Listing Screen

Earlier, there was no provision for the Workflows Admin to sort the Orders by Product Details Field.

  • To enhance the data handling process, we are now providing a provision to Sort Product Details in workflow order listing screen for the Workflow Admin.