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Order Approval Rules

Approval Rules

Admin >> Store Management >> 'Action' Dropdown >> 'Approval Rules' Option

We have created a provision to reduce down the burden of the lengthy approval process. With Approval Rules Store Admin can create rules which will auto-approve store orders based on different criteria.


The rules created can be department specific, user-specific, product-specific, or based on specific condition applied on order amount like equal to, greater or equal to, less or equal to.

If no rule is created, then all orders will undergo the approval process.

Admin(s) can create rules for the following sections:

  • Departments: Selected departments order does not require Order Approval.
  • Customers: Selected customers whose order does not require approval.
  • Products: Select the products whose order does not require approval.
  • Total Order Amount: If rule defined for order amount then the system will check total order amount and if a rule is satisfied then order will be considered as auto-approved.