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One Click Automation Introduction


Generate Bulk Offline Orders to Online Artwork & Orders in Minutes!

In the printing industry, it is a major challenge to manage the coming offline orders. Around 70%-80% of orders that come offline needs manual processes to create orders, personalize artwork, approval & print production. Any delay in any process, means you fail to deliver on time and not meet the timelines committed to your customers.

With OnPrintShop One-Click Automation, you can simply push orders into the system with artwork creation. This will reduce dependency on the designers and take the edge off the manual labor.

With One-Click Automation –

  • You will not need designers to create personalized artworks for already created templates.
  • You can save thousands of hours for Order Management Team and Designers Team.
  • Once the orders are pushed into the system your customers will receive auto-emails, updates and get access to My Account to view their order list.
  • Centrally manage all your customers and energize all your attention on growing print sales as the Design and Delivery is automated with One-Click Automation!

What kind of orders can be pushed via One-Click Automation?

  • B2B Orders received via emails
  • Orders sent by Sales Representatives
  • B2C Orders received via marketplaces
  • Offline orders received through walk-ins
  • And many more…

One-Click Automation can help you to create and automate orders with artwork creation, reduce dependency and directly push new orders into production just via a CSV file.

How one-click automation works?

Import Orders Flow.jpg

  • To start with, download the predefined Order Excel Sheet from OnPrintShop Admin Panel.
  • Add multiple orders with personalized content and template name.
  • Upload this excel sheet in Admin Panel, and it will auto-generate the following entities.
    • Customers/Users
    • Job Tickets
    • Orders
    • Invoices
    • Shipping Labels
    • Print-ready PDF with personalized templates.
  • These orders can be auto-pushed via API into Production System or MIS or Accounting Systems.